Legree family denies report that Sharif Legree is transferring to Grand Street

Sharif Legree Fort Hamilton

Despite claims to the contrary, Sharif Legree is staying put at Fort Hamilton High School. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Sharif Legree is a Fort Hamilton Tiger and it appears that it will stay that way, according to Legree’s father Jeff Legree.

Legree was thought to be headed to Grand Street Campus after Grand Street’s head coach Bruce Eugene told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle earlier this month that he heard that he was transferring to the Williamsburg school this summer. However, Legree’s father denied the report and said that his son is staying put.

“Sharif isn’t going anywhere,” Jeff Legree told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. “I’m not sure where (Eugene) heard that he was transferring to his school. It was probably wishful thinking.”

Legree has a long history with the Fort Hamilton school from the days his older brother Jeffrey Legree led the Tigers to back-to-back Public School Athletic League championships nearly a decade ago. During that time, Sharif was often seen on the sidelines during games and at practices. Since then, he has always been a proud Fort Hamilton legacy with close ties to head coach Danny Perez.

“Everybody in the world knows that our family are big Fort Hamilton supporters,” Sharif’s father said. “The people at that school have always been very, very good to me. They’re like family. Sharif is staying at Fort Hamilton.”

Legree’s father said that he has known about rumors for a long time and first heard that his son was supposedly on the move way back on Nov. 1. Since there was no truth to them, he simply ignored them.

“Somebody mentioned something to me when I was at the Canarsie/South Shore game,” Jeff Legree said. “I don’t know where that got started or why people decided that he was going to go to Grand Street. Probably because his cousin Christopher Legree is a coach there, but it just isn’t true.”

Legree has been the starting quarterback at Fort Hamilton High School since his sophomore season. In two seasons and 22 games, he has thrown for over 2,000 yards, ran for another 750 yards and has 24 touchdowns both passing and running. He was named All-Brooklyn by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle during the 2013 season.

Perez nor Eugene could be reached for comment by the time this article was published. If or when the Eagle gets into contact with them this article will be updated.


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