Kidd challenges Prokhorov to a game of one-on-one

Kidd challenges Prokhorov to a game of one-on-one

Jason Kidd fired back at Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov after the Russian billionaire said of Kidd on Monday, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.” AP Photo.

Mikhail Prokhorov finally spoke out about Jason Kidd‘s abrupt departure during the summer in his own special way and the DUI convicted coach shot back at the Nets owner on Tuesday when talking with the Milwaukee media and challenged him to a game of one-on-one.

“I’m no longer in Brooklyn,” Kidd told Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “Unfortunately, they keep talking about it. I don’t. Now if it was me and him playing one-on-one on the court, that would be fine.”

Kidd, of course, spoke about the Nets just two weeks ago.

When Kidd was asked about how Brooklyn fans might react to his arrival at the Barclays Center on Nov. 19, he said, “I’ve been in hostile environments as a player, as a coach. It’s a part of the game.”

Prokhorov is hardly the only person who has had something negative to say about Kidd’s departure and the ensuing fiasco with the Milwaukee Bucks. Andrei Kirilenko accused him of not being able to handle the pressure and Joe Johnson said that the Nets never held a practice under coach Kidd. Former Bucks coach Larry Drew, who Kidd replaced, called his former team “unprofessional” for forcing him to attend a press conference following the draft despite everything that had happened.

Kidd comes off as sounding very childish about this entire thing. Accusing the Nets of repeatedly bringing it up when he himself recently commented on the situation is bad. Then challenging Prokhorov to a game of basketball, like that could prove anything, makes it even worse.

Look back at the whole thing and it just seems like Kidd was unhappy about rumors that he could have been fired last December, when the team was awful, and also upset that new head coachesĀ Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher got more money than him and got out of Brooklyn the first chance he could.

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