Kidd: Rumors the Nets wanted to fire me had legs

Kidd: Rumors the Nets wanted to fire me had legs

Jason Kidd denied rumors of a power play and said that rumors ownership was considering firing him last December were likely true. AP Photo

Kidd confirms rumors, denies power play attempt

Back when the Brooklyn Nets were floundering in December there were rumors that ownership was considering a move to fire rookie head coach Jason Kidd. The controversial coach recently spoke with Ohm Youngmisuk of and denied trying to make a power play while adding that when the Nets agreed to let him speak with the Milwaukee Bucks that it confirmed earlier rumors that they wanted to fire him.

“Did I want to be traded?” said Kidd. “I think once [the Nets] OK’d the talk to Milwaukee, that just showed, whatever you want to call it, rumors or no rumors that they wanted to fire me in December had to have some legs.”

There were multiple reports at the time that said ownership was considering a change when the team was 10-21, but that they changed their minds following a turnaround. Then there were reports that Kidd tried to make a powerplay to take away most of general manager Billy Kings duties. Kidd denied those rumors.

“No, I don’t need any power,” Kidd said. “My [job] is to learn how to be a coach and be the best coach that I can be.”

Kidd went on to discuss recent comments that Paul Pierce made about not being offered a contract by the Nets this offseason wondering why the Nets would trade away so much of their future only to turn around and not make an offer to keep Pierce the next offseason.

“I believe it,” Kidd said when asked about Pierce’s comments about not being offered a contract. “I mean, if they don’t offer [Pierce] a contract worth what a first-round pick is, then why did we do the deal [last year for Pierce and Garnett]?”

It does seem realistic that the team, as reports stated, was at least considering dumping him. The idea that there was no power play attempt at all seems foolish though.

The team expected better results. Not only did it want to win right away with a rookie coach, something Kidd understood, but it had championship aspirations. When the team was 10-21 it was probably very tempting to can him. They rebounded, but by the time they were squashed by the Miami Heat in the playoffs, I think they realized that any realistic chances at a championship with this squad were a long shot at best.

Meanwhile, Kidd was probably weary of how much they really wanted him around and likely tried to test the waters by trying to exert more control over the roster construction. Once he was denied, he asked for, and got, permission to speak to a team and that, to him, was the sign that he was no longer welcome here.

The Nets are in all likelyhood better off going in this direction. At this point in his career, Paul Pierce is not going to put a team on his back and carry it to a championship, but they still have a nice core in Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. Their health is going to have a much greater impact on their slim chances and Lionel Hollins seems like a much more experienced and level-headed coach. At the same time, they have gone a little younger with an eye more on the future. The long-term health of the club will benefit from all of this.

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