Game of the Week: No. 2 Lincoln vs Clinton

Game of the Week: No. 2 Lincoln vs Clinton

The Lincoln Railsplitters will face their biggest challenge in Clinton since their loss to Erasmus Hall. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.


WHO: No. 2 Lincoln Railsplitters (6-1) vs. Clinton Governors (7-0)

WHEN: Friday, Oct. 24, at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Lincoln High School, 2800 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, 11235

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Three weeks ago the Lincoln Railsplitters lost to Erasmus Hall which knocked them out of the top spot in the Brooklyn Eagle’s power rankings. Since then they beat up on Sheepshead Bay and barely beat Curtis. With the loss and slight victory, Lincoln isn’t looking nearly as unbeatable as it did early this season when it beat Tottenville by three touchdowns and destroyed Campus Magnet.

That’s what makes this game against Clinton, the only other undefeated team in the Public School Athletic League aside from E-Hall, so important — this is a test of Lincoln’s strength.

If the Railsplitters lose on Friday night, that means they’ll fall in the power rankings, but more importantly, there will be serious questions about whether they can defend the city title in Yankee Stadium this year. Heck, there will be serious questions about whether or not they can even get to Yankee Stadium.

Clinton, meanwhile, is a talented team that has posted an impressive 7-0 record. But looking at its schedule and its easy to see that the Governors have not had a tough schedule. There is no Tottenville, Grand Street Campus or Erasmus Hall. Instead they have faced Campus Magnet, Truman, Midwood and Jefferson. Their toughest matchup was likely a 30-28 victory over Fort Hamilton.

PREDICTION: I still expect the Railsplitters to win this game. If anything, losing to E-Hall and struggling against Curtis should serve as a wakeup call. This team seems stacked with too much talent not to hear that call. From its exceptional defense, to Luis Rodriguez, to quarterback Paul Litvak, and a talented group of running backs and receivers, this is a team with too many weapons not to be a threat to every team they face. I expect it to be close, but Lincoln should prevail.


Lincoln quarterback Paul Litvak
Lincoln wide receiver Luis Rodriguez
Lincoln defensive lineman Alejandro Oregon

Clinton running back Chauncey Murray
Clinton defensive back Ataa Gorden
Clinton quarterback Brandon Harris


Lincoln: Shawn O’Connor
Clinton: Howard Langley


Sept. 5: 28-6 win over Tottenville
Sept. 13: 55-16 win over Campus Magnet
Sept. 19: 41-6 win over Boys and Girls
Sept. 26: 21-18 win over Grand Street Campus
Oct. 5: 18-16 loss to Erasmus Hall
Oct. 12: 56-0 win over Sheepshead Bay
Oct. 18: 23-20 win over Curtis

Sept. 6: 40-0 win over Campus Magnet
Sept. 13: 30-28 win over Fort Hamilton
Sept. 20: 28-13 win over Flushing
Sept. 27: 24-0 win over Truman
Oct. 5: 26-14 win over Port Richmond
Oct. 10: 8-6 win over Midwood
Oct. 18: 30-0 win over Jefferson

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