Photos from Erasmus Hall’s win over Boys High

Erasmus Hall has consistently been one of the top high school football teams, not just in Brooklyn, but all of New York City in recent years. However, that was always with big names like Wayne Morgan and then Curtis Samuel running things. Heck, even Kahlil Lewin, who played with both, was a pretty big name himself.

This year the biggest name is the Rutgers-bound Deonte Roberts, but as great as he is, he is not a two-way player and doesn’t contribute offensively. E-Hall certainly has talent behind him, but none of them are yet in the class of Samuel or even Morgan. Head coach Danny Landberg has referred to Morgan as Batman, Samuel as Superman and he calls this team the X-Men. Are they as good?

Not everyone thinks so and at least one prediction had Boys High winning on Saturday and even Landberg himself has tried to temper expectations this season. However, in the first week of the season E-Hall showed how dynamic they can be with quarterback Aaron Grant picking up three touchdowns and a number of other weapons, including Kefa Cort, Jahsen Wint, Shockuone Bobbitt and Xavier Braithwaite, looking dangerous.

Even E-Hall’s young players looked good, a big inexperienced maybe, but solid against Boys High, a team that finished ranked fourth in Brooklyn last season by this website.

Oh, and Roberts, a middle linebacker, certainly helped the offense as he picked up a pair of fumbles to get them back on the field.

Maybe E-Hall won’t be as truly elite as it has been in recent years, but at least in Week 1 it looked like they deserve the No. 3 spot in the Eagle’s power rankings. Grand Street and Fort Hamilton could challenge them before it’s all over, but this team deserves it’s status for now.

I’ll certainly be following E-Hall closely this year. I won’t be with the Dutchmen next week in Queens against Flushing and won’t be able to make the trip to Staten Island for Week 3 when they face Curtis either, but they have a stretch where they face Lincoln, South Shore and Fort Hamilton three weeks in a row. Don’t be surprised if I cover at least two of those three games if not all three.

Until then, enjoy photos from Erasmus Hall’s win over Boys High:

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