Nets launch “We Are Brooklyn” campaign

We Are Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets will use “We Are Brooklyn” as their slogan this season. Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn Nets: “We Are Brooklyn”

First it was “Hello Brooklyn” then it became “Are You Ready?” and now, in their third year, the Brooklyn Nets advertising campaign’s slogan doesn’t focus on the team being new, but instead is a more established, “We Are Brooklyn,” according to AdWeek.

“Year three is a combination of both,” Yormark told Lauren Johnson of AdWeek, referring to the first two slogans. “Our fan base has evolved from being a little more casual to a little bit hardcore.”

The campaign seems to feature the team’s biggest star. No, not Deron WilliamsKevin Garnett. It is also said to be “multichannel” which means that Brooklynites should expect to see KG’s face on the side of buses, in subways, on TV, the web and social media. It is also expected to feature iconic Brooklyn images including the Brooklyn Bridge and the Barclays Center among others.

The Nets have done a good job with ticket sales, but it seems that this is designed at attracting the more casual fan that they have struggled to hold on to.

“Last year, we played to 97 percent capacity [and] we sold out—including the playoffs—over 30 games,” Yormark said, “and this year it will be no different than last year.”

This comes on the heels of a recent report in Crain’s where COO Fred Mangione said that ticket revenue has increased 278 percent since the days of Newark and the Nets continue to create a global reputation. As part of the global effort, the Nets and the Sacramento Kings are going to play two preseason games in China.

“We are visiting China for two preseason games, so I’m thrilled that I’m going to be able to bring the Nets to them,” Yormark said.

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