Nets coach discusses D-Will, KG, Plumlee and more

Lionel Hollins

Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins still hasn’t spoken with Kevin Garnett. Should we be worried? Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Nets coach discusses the latest with the team

The Brooklyn Nets media got plenty of chances to talk to the Nets new head coach Lionel Hollins earlier this summer during a press conference at the Barclays Center to announce him as the head coach. That was a nice introduction, but recently Mike Mazzeo of caught up with Hollins and the two discussed a great variety of topics and I thought it was appropriate to highlight some important bits that fans don’t want to miss.

ON D-WILL: The key topic was the health of Deron Williams and, more specifically, Hollins’ thoughts on Kobe Bryant‘s statement that D-Will psyched himself out in Game 2 against the Miami Heat. Hollins, unsurprisingly, said that if he’s healthy and in shape the confidence will come back.

“If you’re injured, you can’t be who you are,” Hollins said. “You can’t make the same moves or be as explosive as you are, and it’s difficult to go out there and go 100 percent. You’re always worried about what’s going to happen if you push off, stop, change direction, all of those things.”

ON KG: Hollins has not spoken with Kevin Garnett since being named head coach (is that bad news?) so all he really did was speak in cliche’s about KG being a competitor. I wouldn’t even mention this except to point out that Mason Plumlee has spoken with KG this summer, although he admitted it was very brief, and sounded confident that he would indeed return for the 2014-15 season.

ON PLUMLEE: Speaking of Plumlee, Hollins said that he’s excited for him and happy that he made Team USA. “It’s a good experience for him and hopefully he’ll be able to catapult that into an opportunity this season,” Hollins said.

ON BOGDANOVIC: Hollins tried to dispell the notion that Bojan Bogdanovic is a one-dimentional player that can only shoot. “I think he’s got great size, he’s also got great speed and quickness. He can shoot the ball, but also put the ball on the floor. He can post up.”

ON THE STARTING LINEUP: Right now it doesn’t sound like Hollins has his mind made up on who the starting five is going to be. “My starting lineup is not my most pressing concern. It’s just trying to get our group playing the way we want them to play. Who starts will develop from practice, preseason and then the coaching staff’s decision on how we best fit.”

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