Brooklyn High School Power Rankings – Week 5

Brooklyn High School Power Rankings – Week 5

Roget O’Neill and Lincoln remain at the top of the rankings after a tough victory over Grand Street on Friday. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Two of Brooklyn’s undefeated teams lost last week with Grand Street falling to Lincoln and New Utrecht falling to Fort Hamilton. Grand Street’s loss doesn’t shake much up as they are still one of the truly elite teams in New York City, but New Utrecht’s loss changes things a bit.

Fort Hamilton was in the No. 10 spot last week and barely holding on at that. Its victory over New Utrecht huge. It was so big, in fact, that it shoots them all the way back to No. 5 as the Utes have already beaten Brooklyn Tech, South Shore and Canarsie. So one win helps the Tigers jump four teams.

It’s possible that Fort Hamilton could keep that spot all year despite the fact that they will almost definitely have a worse record than teams behind them, though, as they have a significantly tougher schedule. The Tigers are 1-3 now and still have games to play against Erasmus Hall and Lincoln so unless something unlikely happens, they can’t finish with a record better than 5-5. Meanwhile, I can see Tech finishing at least 6-4, maybe better, and the Utes 6-4, or better, as well.

1. Lincoln (4-0, Last week: 1): It was a close 21-18 victory that took a 75-yard touchdown catch from Luis Rodriguez with two minutes left to salvage. Still, Lincoln showed that it’s the deepest and most well rounded team in the victory as the defense kept them in it long enough for the offense to find a way. There is no rest for Lincoln, though, as it will face another undefeated team this weekend. Next opponent: at Erasmus Hall.

2. Poly Prep (4-0, LW: 2): The Blue Devils had a nice 34-7 victory over the Hun School as they collectively had 299 rushing yards with Chris Parker and Tegha Egbiri, who had an 81-yard touchdown run, picking up the majority of those yards. Nick Storz also had a 42-yard touchdown catch. Next opponent: at Salesianum.

3. Erasmus Hall (4-0, LW: 3): Coming into the season it was apparent that E-Hall’s defense was going to have to lead it and so far it really has. The Dutchmen have not allowed more than eight points in a game this season and that trend continued with a 30-0 victory over Canarsie. The defense led to two turnovers and forced a safety. Aaron Grant completed touchdown passes to Keon Gravenhise and Kefa Cort. Next opponent: Lincoln.

4. Grand Street Campus (3-1, LW: 4): Grand Street showed a lot of heart in its 21-18 loss to Lincoln, but mostly it showed that wide receiver Taysir Mack and quarterback Justin White are one of the best combos in the city. Lincoln won this time around, but next time it might not be so lucky. Eugene Qualls had the other touchdown for the Wolves, who probably needed a little more from their running backs. Next opponent: at New Utrecht.

5. Fort Hamilton (1-3, LW: 10): Its 30-6 victory over New Utrecht was desperately needed. The fact that the Tigers scored 30 against the Utes’ tough defense is impressive. Sharif Legree threw for 115 yards and a touchdown while five different players combined for 192 yards rushing including 72 yards and two touchdowns from sophomore Troy Booker. Michael Brooks had a touchdown and so did Mohammad Masoud. Hopefully this is the win that gets the Tigers going. Next opponent: Boys and Girls.

6. New Utrecht (3-1, LW: 5): New Utrecht could have locked down the No. 5 spot for probably the entire season with a win, but instead it’s disappointing loss may mean that they never get it back. Angelo Carrera only completed two of 16 attempts for 22 yards and Dayquan Russell was held to just 51 yards. The usually strong Utes were a mess on defense as well. That was a game to forget, but unfortunately it will play one of its toughest games of the year next week. Next opponent: Grand Street.

7. Brooklyn Tech (3-1, LW: 7): The Engineers had a nice rebound after they were shutout by the Utes when they beat Boys High 19-16. Elijah Rueda completed 13-of-19 passes for 212 yards, Lawrence Menyah had 104 total yards and two touchdowns and Alpha Gamby had 73 yards receiving. Terrence Battle also had a touchdown on defense. Next opponent: at Canarsie.

8. South Shore (3-1, LW: 8): The Vikings had a nice 42-6 victory over Campus Magnet, but the Queens team is not what it once was and is still looking for its first victory. Jason Martin threw for 185 yards and a touchdown (to Charles Driver). Six backs combined for 215 yards rushing with Timothy Bowers, who had 90 yards rushing, and Rafael Cordero picking up two touchdowns each and Omar Jarrett adding another. Next opponent: Susan Wagner.

9. Canarsie (2-2, LW: 6): Canarsie suffered a tough loss to Erasmus Hall as the Chiefs couldn’t get on the board at all. The defense was solid despite giving up 30 points as Cyree Scott, Darnell Alexander, Devonte Malone, Festus Oziegbe and Jesse Rivera all had sacks. Palyte Stubbs led the team with 91 total yards. Next opponent: Brooklyn Tech.

10. Nazareth (2-2, LW: N/A): This last spot is always the toughest to pick each week. Jefferson is on a nice two-game winning streak, but it lost to Midwood so I can’t include them over the Hornets. So I’m going with Nazareth despite its 27-26 loss to Cardinal Spellman because of its high powered offense, led by Shakur “Speedy” Bey, that has averaged 32 points a game so far this season. Bey threw for 136 yards and three touchdowns and also ran for 106 yards. Chaasad Colas, two, Hakeeron Lewin and Darrius Black had the other touchdowns.  Next opponent: Fordham Prep.

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