Remember when Bud Pollard barked and call himself “The Big Dog”

Bud Pollard beats Tiny Morton during his last game in the PSAL.

Bud Pollard and the Jefferson Orange Wave did the unthinkable last season when they upset the Lincoln Railsplitters, a team with four Division-I players, when they beat them 77-74 in the Public School Athletic League‘s semifinals. Afterward Jefferson’s coach Bud Pollard excitedly declared himself, “the new boss in town; I’m the big dog,” and then proceeded to bark in joy at dethroning Dwayne “Tiny” Morton’s Railsplitters, who were defending city champions.

Pollard, whose real name is Lawrence, has been the coach at Jefferson since 2005 when the team went 4-10. Since then, he has turned it into a Brooklyn powerhouse, but so far he has failed to lead them to a championship. The closest he came was this year when they lost to Ron Naclario‘s Cardozo High School in the finals at the Barclays Center. Jefferson also came close in 2012 when they went 12-2 and made it to the finals at Madison Square Garden where they lost to Boys and Girls High School.

During Pollard’s run at Jefferson, his biggest rival has become the Lincoln Railsplitters. Tiny led his team to six city championships during Pollard’s tenure at Jeff and eight overall. Lincoln was the heavy favorite going into the game against Jefferson in the semifinals this year and because it was rumored to be Tiny’s final season at Lincoln it was a huge win for Pollard to deny him a chance to go out on top.

This video is significant because it signals, all to perfectly, that Tiny’s run in Brooklyn is over and his successor is Bud Pollard. Lincoln will continue to challenge for the best team in Brooklyn, but Bud is currently the biggest name in the coaching game (at least in Brooklyn). He is…The Big Dog.

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