Recapping the Brooklyn Nets postseason moves

Bojan Bogdanovic Brooklyn Nets offseason moves

The signing of Bojan Bogdanovic is the most significant of the Brooklyn Nets offseason moves. AP Photo.

A rundown on the Nets postseason moves

The Brooklyn Nets went into this offseason without having a lot of wiggle room as they had $190 million payroll in 2013-14 and Paul Pierce was the only big-name free agent coming off the rolls. So it makes sense that the biggest moves of the offseason were non-moves. The most significant days this offseason were when Paul Pierce signed with the Washington Wizards and when Shaun Livingston signed with the Golden State Warriors.

With the money the Nets saved on Livingston, they signed Bojan Bogdanovic, whom they’ve had the rights to since the 2011 NBA Draft while he has played basketball in Europe, using the mid-level exception. There was no such exception with Pierce so as luxury tax offenders they had to pocket the money. Sure, they could have re-signed Pierce, but considering the Nets lost $144 million last year and he is past his prime, they decided to go in another direction and save more than $20 million in taxes.

Here is a rundown of the rest of the Nets entire offseason:

Andray Blatche and Jason Collins are free agents that are not going to re-sign with the Nets. Blatche is actively looking for a job and finding a hard time and Collins is more likely to retire.

Out of their moves obviously Bogdanovic is the most interesting. If he can make a quick adjustment to the NBA then hopefully the Nets won’t miss Pierce too much. Sergey Karasev is also interesting as talent elevators like his potential. For a team that didn’t have any draft picks going into this year’s NBA Draft, they certainly added two interesting players.

The biggest difference this team can potentially see is a completely healthy return of its stars Brook Lopez and Deron Williams. If those two can recover from their surgeries, foot and ankle surgeries respectively, and return to an elite level, the Nets might have a real shot at making some noise. If one or both of those players aren’t contributing at all-star levels they could be in trouble.

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