Nets are expected to open the season against Boston and OKC

Brooklyn Nets Boston Celtics

The Brooklyn Nets will open their season in Boston. AP Photo.

Nets not getting royal treatment anymore

The Brooklyn Nets are expected to open the season against Boston and OKC with them on the road taking on the Celtics on opening night, Oct. 29 before coming home to the Barclays Center to face Oklahoma City Thunder on Nov. 3, according to

The league is set to announce the NBA schedules for the 2014-15 season at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday night on NBA TV, but it’s typical for a few games to be leaked before then. Aside from this news, it is also rumored that the Nets will not be playing games on Christmas day or New Year’s Eve. has stated that they are still expected to play the Knicks on Martin Luther King Day as usual.

All of these leaks make it seem like the NBA doesn’t view the Brooklyn Nets as one of the more popular teams anymore after treating them that way for the last two years. Sure, opening against the Boston Celtics in Boston allows them to honor Kevin Garnett again, but that’s already been done. Right now, the Celtics are mediocre at best. Facing them on opening night is not a huge slight, but combine that with the holiday blackout and it makes it seem like the Nets are back to non-elite status in the league’s eyes.

Personally, I don’t mind them taking Christmas off. It’s a fun tradition and it means no Christmas jerseys, but it’s also a little awkward leaving my in-laws to go watch basketball in the other room (insert in-laws joke here). Those Christmas jerseys aren’t the best, though, it’s not like there will be a ton of people missing them.

One other weird thing this does is that it means the Nets will play the Celtics three times in two weeks as they are set to play them twice during the preseason as well.

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