NBA Trade Rumor: The Clippers want Lawrence Frank

Lawrence Frank Jason Kidd Brooklyn Nets

The Clippers are interested in Lawrence Frank, but so far are uninterested in paying the Nets for him. AP Photo/John Raoux.

When the entire Jason Kidd debacle went down earlier this offseason it made a lot of people wonder about Lawrence Frank, the assistant coach that had been hired by and banished by Kidd early in his coaching tenure. With Kidd gone, especially after he burned a few bridges, would the Nets consider reinstating Frank to the bench? After all, he was a former head coach.

Then Lionel Hollins and the Nets announced the coaching staff for next season and Frank was not apart of it. The future of the assistant coach earning more than $1 million a year through 2019 remained in limbo.

However, the Nets may have a way out. The Los Angeles Clippers are interested in bringing him aboard their coaching staff, even after they hired Sam Cassell, but apparently the Nets are holding out for some sort of compensation, according to Dan Woike of the Orange County Register.

So far it doesn’t look like the Clippers are interested in paying the Nets for a highly-paid assistant coach that they aren’t even using. It probably wouldn’t be much more than a second-round draft pick, but it’s hard to blame them. Afterall, it seems kind of crazy that the Nets wouldn’t be desperate to get rid of Frank’s salary. Perhaps they feel like somebody will eventually want him and if it takes another year to find a team so be it. They’re basically willing to pay $1 million for a second-round pick if that’s the case.

It seems unlikely to work that way, but if it works out than more power to the Nets. They have lost a lot of picks in trades over the years and after this last draft, where they went in with no picks and ended up with three first rounders, it seems they are intent on picking up as many second rounders to makeup for it.

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