NBA Rumors: Andray Blatche’s agent denies Los Angeles Clippers Rumors


Andray Blatche Brooklyn Nets

Andray Blatche’s agent denied rumors that he will tryout for the Clippers. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Andray Blatche‘s days with the Brooklyn Nets officially came to an end early this offseason when he declined his player options for next season and despite the fact that it’s been over a month now, he is still looking for his next team.

So far there have been rumors that have connected Blatche to the New Orleans Pelicans and the Toronto Raptors. The latest, according to Jorge Sedano of ESPN, is that the Los Angeles Clippers plan to have Blatche come in and workout in front of them along with Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum and Emeka Okafor will also tryout.

However, Blatche’s agent Brad Turner has denied any plans to workout in front of the Clippers.

It’s a little bit odd that Blatche’s agent would deny this rumor simply because its mere existence gives him slightly more leverage when dealing with other clubs. Perhaps the Clippers got ahead of themselves and prematurely leaked a rumor hoping that it might nudge Blatche in their direction and this is Turner’s way of saying, ‘show me the money.’

Blatche earned the NBA minimum $1.1 million for the Nets in 2012-13 after he was amnestied by the Washington Wizards. At that point nobody in the league wanted him and the Nets took a chance with him. It paid off, but while Blatche has improved on the court his off-the-court antics have maintained to the point where Jason Kidd had to bench him briefly last season.

Blatche averaged 18.9 points with 9.2 rebounds and 1.8 steals per 36 minutes over the last two seasons with the Nets so he can certainly help contribute somewhere. It looks like he’s going to have to find somebody else willing to take a chance on him.

Blatche is currently working out with the Philippines National Team leading up to the FIBA World Cup. He is not Filipino, but was naturalized to qualify for their team.

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