Former Bucks coach says Kidd fiasco was unprofessional

Jason Kidd fiasco

Larry Drew (left) called the move to dump him and hire Jason Kidd unprofessional after the team had him introduce draft pick Jabari Parker even though everyone in the world knew what was going on. AP Photo/Morry Gash.

Larry Drew called the Kidd fiasco unprofessional and unexpected

You remember the whole Jason Kidd fiasco, right? When Kidd tried to get total control of the Brooklyn Nets, ownership didn’t want him over general manager Billy King so Kidd went to Milwaukee instead.

As it turns out, Milwaukee already had a coach, Larry Drew, and he was fired after the Bucks hired Kidd. Drew didn’t say much publicly at the time even though he was embarrassed when he was forced to show up to a press conference to announce the draft pick of Jabari Parker even though everyone pretty much knew that Kidd would be replacing him. Well, Drew finally spoke with the media about the entire situation and called it unprofessional.

“It caught me in a position when I least expected it. But I know how these things work. I don’t have any hard feelings, any grudges against anybody,” Drew told Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. “Marc (Lasry) called me and I just wished him luck. I’ve got to keep moving forward.”

“The whole Jabari thing, putting me in that position, I don’t think it was very professional,” Drew said. “I wish it wouldn’t have happened that way, but it did. If I had been a new coach, I might have reacted differently (to the firing). But because I’ve been in this so long and I’ve had friends who have had these type things happen to them, I was OK.

“This is the life we choose and sometimes you have to expect the unexpected.”

Honestly, those quotes are rather tame to what he otherwise could have said. Drew did eventually land on his feet, though, as an assistant coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are currently the NBA championship favorites. He will also get paid for the next two years that he was under contract. So he probably figures there is no use in totally blasting everyone involved.

The Brooklyn Nets have since gone in a totally different direction. They went from trading a ton of picks for over-the-hill veterans and hiring a rookie coach with no experience last offseason to stockpiling young players, letting Paul Pierce walk and hiring Lionel Hollins, a coach with a longer resume than most of his peers. I certainly wouldn’t call this a good offseason for the Nets, but they clearly used this opportunity to reassess the situation and went in a different direction.

Along the way, nobody really bad mouthed Kidd even though a few people probably had the right too. There was Mikhail Prokhorov, who went out on a huge limb to hire a coach with no experience who also missed the first two games of the season after Kidd’s DUI. There was also Billy King, whose job Kidd essentially tried to take (although according to reports Kidd didn’t want King fired, just underneath him in the front office depth charts. Even Lawrence Frank, the assistant coach, and friend, that Kidd had “re-assigned” when the two didn’t get along, has kept quiet.

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