Brook Lopez: No question I’m going to be ready for the season

Brook Lopez: No question I'm going to be ready

Brook Lopez said there was “no question” that he would be ready to start the season after his fourth foot surgery. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Every Brooklyn Net fan is fully aware that the two biggest question marks entering next season are the health of Deron Williams‘ ankles and Brook Lopez‘s foot. Well, Lopez spoke with the media last week and it doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about his feet.

“I’ve tried to remain positive,” Lopez said to Mike Mazzeo of “Finally being back is a great feeling. I’ve never been so excited to do little things like jump rope, stretch and run a little. “But there’s no question I’m going to be ready to go at the beginning of the season.”

Lopez had his fourth foot surgery last winter and has been slowly working out more and more as he gets ready for the season. Right now, he’s been fully cleared to play and is reportedly working on his conditioning, participating in running, jumping, shooting and defensive drills in New Jersey, as he gets back in shape for the season.

“It’s good. I feel like I still have to get more power under my legs in general. I’m not worried about my feet. It’s getting the power back in my lower legs I lost when I had to lie around.”

Lopez, who entered last season claiming to weight 290-pounds, is down to “just under” 275-pounds right now.

“I’m definitely more comfortable, but I think that just comes with being more active again,” Lopez said.

Lopez is the key to this Nets team. When he’s healthy, he has potential to be the best player on the Nets and without Andray Blatche coming back he’s more important now than he has been in the last couple of seasons. After all, Kevin Garnett can not play more than 20 minutes a night and even with his recent improvements, Plumlee, who was a non-factor in the playoffs, is still a bit of a question mark himself.

Everything we’ve heard from and about Lopez sounds great. It’s hard to get too excited though, after all, he has now had four foot surgeries.


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