Watch: Mason Plumlee’s block on LeBron James

Mason Plumlee had a game-saving block against LeBron James as the Brooklyn Nets barely edged out the Miami Heat 88-87 on Tuesday night to sweep the season series 4-0.

LeBron thought he was fouled on the play, but replay clearly shows that Plums got his hand on the ball first which would make it a clean block. LeBron might have a point about Joe Johnson though, who appeared to touch him just as he was taking off. In that type of situation, that’s not a call that’s made most of the time anyway.

If Rashard Lewis took the layup opportunity he had just before the play, the Heat would have won the game. So there is that.

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  1. Cheyanne May 14, 2017 2:04 pm  Reply

    Sharp thkgiinn! Thanks for the answer.

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