Discussion: Are the Nets title contenders?

Are the Brooklyn Nets serious title contenders? AP Photo.

Are the Brooklyn Nets serious title contenders? AP Photo.

There is no doubt that the Brooklyn Nets looked ugly at the start of this season, but there is also no doubt that they have turned it around. Since the beginning of January, the Nets are 23-9, in the last 10 days they have beaten the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors, their three biggest rivals (aside from the Indiana Pacers) in the East.

They also have an eight-game win streak at the Barclays Center and are 15-2 in their last 17 games at home. On the road they obviously haven’t done as well, but they managed a 4-3 record during their circus road trip and have been holding their own while away from Brooklyn.

So the question now becomes — are the Brooklyn Nets serious title contenders?

This is a much different team than the one that started the year. Jason Kidd has settled into coaching, the offense has begun to click and they seem like a legitimately defensive team. Everyone is having trouble with the Pacers this season, but the Nets seem capable of matching up with a lot of potential playoff opponents including the Heat.

The important thing right now is for the Nets to grab as many wins as possible for the rest of the season. Not only will it help their confidence headed into the playoffs, but the higher the seed they can get the better. They’re going to have to beat some tough teams if they are legit contenders, but a little help wouldn’t hurt. If they can grab the three-seed, a first round win against the Wizards seems possible. Maybe in the meantime somebody could knock off, say, the Bulls.

Are the Brooklyn Nets serious title contenders?

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