Reggie Evans will miss two games for personal reasons

Reggie Evans will sit out the next two Nets games due to "personal reasons". AP Photo.

Reggie Evans will sit out the next two Nets games due to “personal reasons”. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets will be without forward Reggie Evans for the next two games as he will be out due to “personal reasons”, the team announced on Wednesday.

That means that Evans will miss Wednesday’s home game against the Charlotte Bobcats as well as Thursday’s game against the Bulls in Chicago. After that is the All-Star Break so Evans’ next game back will be next Wednesday against the Utah Jazz if all goes according to plan.

This news has led many to speculate that Evans could be traded and others have compared it to the four games that Andray Blatche missed for unknown reasons (which was likely a disciplinary action). One thing is certain, Evans has been awful this year and has barely played as a result.

Last year Evans played in 80 games, started 56 and averaged 24.6 minutes per night. That was when he was averaging 16.3 rebounds per 36 minutes with a true shooting percentage of 50.6 percent. This year he has played in just 30 games, started in six and has only played 13.3 minutes a night. His rebounds have also dropped to 13.4 per 36 minutes and his TS% is 46.2 which is the worst mark in his career.


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