Joe Johnson will participate in 3-point shootout

Joe Johnson will take part in this year's three-point competition. AP Photo.

Joe Johnson will take part in this year’s three-point competition. AP Photo.

It was announced last month that Joe Johnson will become the 14th member of the Nets organization to be named to the NBA All-Star team, but it was announced this week that he will also take part in the three-point contest on Saturday night before the actual game.

Johnson, who will play in his seventh All-Star Game, will join defending champion Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, Marco Belinelli, Arron Afflalo and Bradley Beal in the competition. Belinelli leads all of the contestants with a 44.6 three-point shooting percentage this season, Afflalo is second at 42.6 percent and Curry is third at 40.9 percent.

Johnson is shooting 39.3 percent from behind the arc this year. That’s his highest total since he shot 47.8 percent with the Suns in 2004-05 and the second highest in his career.

Mason Plumlee will take part in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night. The skills competitions, including the three-point and dunk contests, will be Saturday and the actual game will be Sunday.


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