Brooklyn high school basketball power rankings – Post boroughs

Lincoln looks unstoppable after it cruised through the Brooklyn borough playoffs. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Lincoln looks unstoppable after it cruised through the Brooklyn borough playoffs. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

The Public School Athletic League’s Brooklyn Borough Playoffs have wrapped up with Lincoln easily taking the tournament. The PSAL starts its city tournament next week with Lincoln, South Shore and Jefferson getting byes. The Catholic High School Athletic Association is just beginning it’s playoffs. So let’s see how the teams stack up heading into the final stretch.

  1. Lincoln (19-0, LW: 1): Lincoln has four Division I players including Thomas Holley (going to Florida for Football, but could likely have landed a D-I scholarship in basketball somewhere). As a result, they seem unstoppable. They won the borough playoffs easily with wins over Brooklyn Law and Tech, Brooklyn Collegiate and Jefferson.
  2. Bishop Loughlin (20-5, LW: 2): Loughlin started the CHSAA playoffs with an easy win over Holy Cross, but their big challenge comes on Friday against Christ the King. The two teams have bad blood between them and split the regular season matchups. This will be a big one.
  3. Jefferson (14-5, LW: 3): Jefferson has established itself as the second best PSAL team in the borough when it beat South Shore in the borough playoffs, but with two loses and a forfeit to Lincoln already it seems unlikely they will be able to beat them in the city playoffs. It’s still a powerhouse even after Thaddeus Hall and Jaquan Lynch left though.
  4. South Shore (11-7, LW: 4): The Vikings missed a chance to move up in the rankings when they lost to Jefferson in the boroughs. They still played well enough to get a couple of early round byes in the city playoffs. Unfortunately, they cannot get a rematch against Jefferson unless both teams make the city finals.
  5. Brooklyn Collegiate (10-7, LW: 6): Collegiate lost to Westinghouse twice during the regular season, but the Lions finally came through against them during the boroughs after it got a couple of injured players back. A fourth game is unlikely as they are opposite ends of the playoff bracket.
  6. Westinghouse (10-7, LW: 5): The Warriors have been the most up and down team on this list with some huge wins and some big upsets. After beating Collegiate twice, they couldn’t get the job done in the boroughs. They will face Van Buren in the first round of the city playoffs.
  7. Xaverian (10-14, LW: 7): Xaverian cannot make anything happen in 2014 as they limped through the final stretch of the regular season and then were beaten by Molloy in the first round of the playoffs. They’ve got one more against Mount this Sunday.
  8. Nazareth (19-4, LW: 8): Because of their schedule, the Kingsmen have not been able to move past Xaverian on this list at all this year, but they’ll have a chance when they face Brooklyn Collegiate on Thursday. A win there could move them all the way up to fifth on this list.
  9. Boys and Girls (7-9, LW: 9): The ‘Roos didn’t qualify for the boroughs, but they are in the city tournament where they will take on JFK Campus in the first round.
  10. Poly Prep (15-7, LW: 10): The Blue Devils had a nice season and have a lot of potential going forward, but an Ivy League championship loss to Collegiate was disappointing. The New York State Association of Independent Schools playoffs are coming up.

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