Brooklyn high school basketball power rankings – 2/10

Isaiah Gurley and Westinghouse moved up to No. 5 on this list by the end of the regular season. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Isaiah Gurley and Westinghouse moved up to No. 5 on this list by the end of the regular season. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

The regular season has wrapped up for most of these teams. Up next is the PSAL Borough Playoffs which start on Tuesday. Three out of four games in the first round of that will be completely lopsided. The Westinghouse/Collegiate matchup will be exciting though. Follow @BkEagleSports on Twitter for updates during that game. On to the list.

  1. Lincoln (16-0, LW: 1): The Railsplitters finish the season a perfect 16-0 and by the way they’ve dominated their opponents it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to be able to stop them in the playoffs either.
  2. Bishop Loughlin (18-5, LW: 2): Loughlin had a chance to wrap up the division on Sunday, but poor shooting led to a loss to Christ the King instead. They’re still easily the No. 2 team in Brooklyn though. One more game left in the regular season and then it’s on to the playoffs.
  3. Jefferson (12-4, LW: 3): At this point there isn’t much doubt that Jefferson is the No. 2 PSAL team in Brooklyn. However, that hasn’t been enough to even compete with Lincoln so far. Can they pull off the playoff upset now that they are in the playoffs?
  4. South Shore (9-6, LW: 4): The Vikings lost to Jefferson, but stick at the No. 4 spot on this list. They’re likely to face Jefferson in the second round of the borough playoffs on Thursday for a chance to move up in the rankings.
  5. Westinghouse (10-6, LW: 6): The Warriors move up with their second win of the season over Brooklyn Collegiate. The two teams will go head-to-head in the first round of the borough playoffs on Tuesday.
  6. Brooklyn Collegiate (9-6, LW: 5): We’ll never know how good the Lions could have been this season if Jahlil Tripp wasn’t out for most of the year. However, they’ll look to succeed despite him now that the borough playoffs have started.
  7. Xaverian (10-13, LW: 7): Xaverian’s season has really fallen apart. It’s still talented enough to hold on to this spot in the rankings, but it lost eight of it’s last 10 games this year.
  8. Nazareth (16-4, LW: 8): The Kingsmen have the longest active winning streak of any non-Lincoln team on this list as they have 12 wins in a row now. They picked up two wins against Spellman and one against Kennedy Catholic last week. They still have four games left before the CHSAA A playoffs begin including one game against Brooklyn Collegiate.
  9. Boys and Girls (7-9, LW: 9): Boys High had a chance in the last week of their season to really make some noise, but the ‘Roos lost to Lincoln last Tuesday and, after a win against Robeson, lost to Westinghouse on Sunday. They are not qualified for the borough playoffs.
  10. Poly Prep (14-5, LW: 10): The Blue Devils showed that they are a top team in Brooklyn with a win over Riverdale earlier this season, but after they lost to Collegiate it seems that they will have to be satisfied holding down the No. 10 spot on this list for a while longer.

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