Watch: Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce talk about returning to Boston

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett both thought that they were going to retire as Boston Celtics so it was a huge deal for them to return to Boston for the first time as opposing players. After the game they spoke with reporters about the unique situation.

“Paul and I were joking before the game about which one of us was going to tear up,” Garnett said. “I had lumps in my throat and I kept it under control. I focused as much as I could on the game so not to take away from it, but this was over the top. I can’t put it into words.”

“At the end of the day we had a game to play, but it was so hard not to focus on friends and so many people that we got to know over the years,” Pierce said. “You get into the game, but never settled in. You think about the relationships and are just showered with love the whole game.”

Here is the video of the entire press conference.

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