Watch: Highlights of Kevin Garnett against the Warriors

Kevin Garnett has been a big disappointment for the Brooklyn Nets this season as the 37-year-old has played more like a 47-year-old for most of the season. However, KG was vintage against the Golden State Warriors in the fourth quarter Wednesday night as he scored 11 points and played excellent as the Nets beat the hottest team in the NBA.

“I work on my craft every day, so I expect it to be a certain way,” Garnett said. “So when I go to dial her up, I want her to pick the phone up. Tonight, I dialed and she was right there answering like you’re supposed to.”

Jason Kidd added, “Offensively and defensively he’s been off the charts. Defensively, he has been incredible for us since that Oklahoma game. He looks like he’s 25, and tonight, offensively, he looked like he was 21.”

At least for one quarter, the Nets got the player they thought they were trading for. Hopefully he can keep it going for more than 12 minutes.

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