Nets beat the Heat in double overtime

The Heat didn't put up much of a fight after LeBron James fouled out late in the first overtime. AP Photo.

The Heat didn’t put up much of a fight after LeBron James fouled out late in the first overtime. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets needed two overtimes to do it, but they beat the Miami Heat for the second time this season 104-95 at the Barclays Center on Friday night and extended their winning streak to five games. They are still undefeated during 2014 with wins against tough teams like the Thunder, Warriors and now the Heat.

“It’s huge,” Paul Pierce said of the win. “We completely the home stand like we wanted to. We have a tough game in Toronto now and then we go to London, so it’s huge. Our goal was to come home and play well at home and we were able to accomplish that goal. As we go on, we’re going to keep setting new goals short-term until we get to where we want to be.”

Joe Johnson led the Nets with 32 points, Paul Pierce had 23, Shuan Livingston had 19 with 11 rebounds and Kevin Garnett had 12 with 10 rebounds. They shot 43.8 percent as a team, beat the Heat in rebounding 44-37 and limited them to just two second-chance points.

LeBron James finished with 36 points, but fouled out at the end of the first overtime. Considering the Heat were already without Dwyane Wade, James’ absence in the second overtime really hurt them.

“We just try to make it tough on him,” Pierce said. “He’s the best player in the game right now. We did a great job on him. The good thing I thought we did today, we attacked him too. You never see LeBron foul out. I can’t even remember. The last time I think I’ve seen him foul out was in a Boston playoff game actually and that was like three or four years ago.

“When you can get a player of that caliber out of the game who hardly never fouls out, it says a tribute to what we’re doing on that end too. We’re attacking him as well as playing good defense on him.”

James was clearly frustrated all game. The best example of that was when Mirza Teletovic fouled him hard early in the fourth quarter and James got upset over it. Meanwhile, Teletovic, who had just three points in 14 minutes, simply smiled back.

The Nets went with their starting five of Johnson, Pierce, KG, Alan Anderson, and Livingston throughout most of overtime. All five players scored too as they shot 50 percent. The Heat were limited to just two points in the final overtime.


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