Docs say no longterm concern over D-Will’s ankles

Deron Williams becomes sarcastic anytime the topic of his ankles is brought up by reporters. AP Photo.

Deron Williams becomes sarcastic anytime the topic of his ankles is brought up by reporters. AP Photo.

It seems like Deron Williams has had bad ankles ever since the Nets traded for him back in 2011. He only missed four games last year, but had multiple cortisone shots and played through ankle pain practically all year. This season he’s already missed 13 of the Nets’ 35 games with similar pain.

The fact that the injuries have lingered so long has led to jokes among the fan base and has even left many wondering if he’s ever going to be healthy. However, the Nets team doctor said that this is not a “serious longterm concern” and that it would not require a “serious procedure” to repair. Meaning that eventually he will get better.

“What I can say about Deron is that he’s a worker,” Nets team doctor, Dr. Riley Williams III, said on Serious XM NBA Radio on Wednesday. “And I just think as with another one of our players, Brook Lopez, he’s just had a little bit of bad luck with regard to his ankles.

“What I can say is that I don’t think there’s anything going on with him that is a serious issue over the long haul and the guy wants to play,” he added. “So sometimes you have to take a little bit more time and let things heal up a little bit before you get back out there. I don’t think there’s any serious concern about Deron over the long term. He certainly doesn’t need any kind of serious procedure from us.

“Everything he has are things that should heal up. But you guys talked about, for our team especially, it just seems like it’s been one thing after another with these small nagging injuries that unfortunately have made it tough to get everybody on the court together.”

So surgery isn’t necessary, which is obviously a good thing because with Brook Lopez out the last thing the Nets need is for D-Will to miss 2-3 months. The cortisone shots help the pain and the platelet rich plasma injections should help him heal faster, but he’s still going to need some time off.

The Nets have two more games before they head to London next week. He’s most likely going to sit those two games out, but the NBA will want him to play in London so if he does sit out it will be a last minute decision. Considering that this injury has lingered for the better part of two years now it seems like the Nets should just rest him until he’s 100 percent, but I’ve been saying that for nearly two years too and it still hasn’t happened.

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