Terrible Nets embarrassed by the horrible Knicks

Apparently it's just as frustrating to play for the Nets as it is to watch them. AP Photo.

Apparently it’s just as frustrating to play for the Nets as it is to watch them. AP Photo.

The New York Knicks came to Brooklyn riding a nine-game losing streak, but the Nets still managed to make them look like championship contenders as they were blown out 113-83 at the Barclays Center Thursday night.

The Nets shot just 39.7 percent with the worst offenders being Joe Johnson, who hit just 4-of-15 shots all night, and Tyshawn Taylor, who hit just 2-of-9. They also committed 16 turnovers while only making 11 assists. Brook Lopez led with 24 points and nine assists, but didn’t display his typical efficiency as he hit only 9-of-18 shots.

Meanwhile, the Knicks shot 57.1 percent overall and an amazing 59.3 percent from behind the arc. It was the three-ball that allowed them to dominate. Iman Shumpert had the hottest hand as he hit 5-of-7 from downtown. Carmelo Anthony and Andrea Bargnani led them inside the arc as they hit 8-of-12 shots and 7-of-13 shots respectively.

The Nets were bad all game long, but were, as usual, especially terrible in the third quarter. Going into halftime trailing 50-43, they were destroyed in the third frame 34-16. That’s when Shump scored 11 points and Melo scored 10 with seven rebounds. Amar’e Stoudemire even came to life with seven points. The Nets were walking zombies as they hit just 5-of-18 shots.

Kevin Garnett is old and could only drag himself out to the court for 19 minutes, but he was at least acting like the KG of old as he got into it with Andrea Bargnani. The two went back and forth a bit before Bargnani was ejected in the fourth quarter for trash talking. People can speculate on what he said, but when asked what Bargnani said to him, KG said, “I don’t speak Italian.”

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