Nets walk off the court early after embarrassing loss to the Spurs

2013 was a nightmare for the Brooklyn Nets and New Year's Eve was no different. AP Photo.

2013 was a nightmare for the Brooklyn Nets and New Year’s Eve was no different. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets had seen this one before so they walked off the court.

The Nets were blown out by the Spurs in San Antonio this time last season and this year’s Texas trip was no different. Things got so bad that members of the Nets walked off the court with 0.2 seconds still left on the clock after an especially bad 113-92 loss.

“It’s embarrassing to be down 30 by the end of the 3rd quarter,” Paul Pierce said. “It’s embarrassing, I don’t know if I’ve ever been apart of a team that has been involved in so many blow outs early. I can’t speak for everybody, but this is embarrassing to me. I play with a sense of pride and nobody wants to look up and be down 20 or 30 with 20 minutes to go.

“At some point we’ve got to be able to have our pride,” Pierce’s rant continued. “It’s got to come from each individual & say, ‘We’ve just had enough of this.’ At some point we have to stand up and fight a little bit harder just to give ourselves a chance to win. Tonight we didn’t even have a chance in the third quarter.”

When asked if head coach Jason Kidd still had the support of his team, Pierce made it clear that he was the wrong person to ask, “I listen to Jason, I do what he says, he’s our coach. I don’t get into all of that,” Pierce said.

“I believe,” he added. “I try to be in the locker room and be optimistic each and every night. It’s tough when you’ve lost six of seven, but you have to stay positive. We can’t have the bad body language. We have to play with a better spirit to try to turn it around.”

The Nets came out with no energy from the get go as the Spurs opened the game with a 20-6 run. The Nets pretended like they cared for a little while, but they trailed 42-32 midway through the second quarter when they allowed the Spurs to go on 13-2 run. It was 59-36 Spurs going into the half.

Mirza Teletovic was good when he got chances, but the Spurs did a good job and limited him to just 12 points. Mason Plumlee came with energy, had a team-high 15 points and his first double-double with 13 rebounds. He’s still a rookie though and made plenty of rookie mistakes including a tip in on the Nets’ own basket.

“I’m not really sure where we’re at,” Plumlee said. “I think we’ve shown glimpses that we can play well together at times, but right now we’re not getting it done. I’m not sure to be honest with you. I think identity has been a big thing. Are we a defensive team? Do we spread the floor? Are we high scoring? We don’t really have that.

“I just do the same thing I do every game, but with more minutes the numbers are better. Guys did a good job finding me. I just play off people so it’s not like I’m getting it on my own.

“If I don’t play with energy I’m not going to play so that’s pretty cut and dry. I feel very comfortable. I know exactly what the coaches are looking for when I go in and I try to give them that. My teammates are getting a better feeling for me. You see that in the lob plays and some of the assists they are getting. I think that’s just going to get better.”

Andrei Kirilenko returned from back spasms. He had four points, two assists and a rebound in 10 minutes.

“Nobody likes that,” Kirilenko said. “It’s very tough to explain what’s going on. It looks like we’re playing hard, but some things didn’t click, some things didn’t work out. We try to pay attention to certain things, but then in the games we don’t follow. It’s very tough to give an answer to why things go like that. We don’t have an answer.

“I feel like I’ve been out of basketball for a month or more, but it definitely feels great to get back into the feeling,” Kirilenko added. “Those 10 minutes were a great improvement for myself. Without feeling any bad feelings. So far I think this is the best improvement. It’s always rusty even if you are in great shape, but I think I did a pretty good job despite the result to get my routine, my work in during the game. Unfortunately I’m not ready to play more than 10 or 12 minutes yet, but it’s getting better.”

Andray Blatche is nowhere to be found and has completely given up on this team is still out for “personal reasons.” Joe Johnson and Deron Williams only seemed to be absent from the game. D-Will had a not-terrible nine points and six assists in 25 minutes. Johnson seems like a max-contract corner-three man that disappears completely against good defenses. He finished with nine points.

This game was bad. It gives us a good idea that the Nets are no match against the elite NBA teams (if that wasn’t abundantly clear already). They never really stood a chance. Brook Lopez‘s season ending foot injury probably killed any small chance they had. At this point it seems optimistic to think they can make the playoffs. Unless something changes quickly it’s hard to see somebody not getting fired or traded.

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