Nets rumor: Kidd could be gone by All-Star break

Jason Kidd's job appears to be on the line as the Nets sink further into irrelevance. AP Photo.

Jason Kidd’s job appears to be on the line as the Nets sink further into irrelevance. AP Photo.

A month ago, the Brooklyn Nets were a mess. It was a mess that seemed possible to pull out of as there was no in-fighting among the team and the veterans insisted that they would eventually pull out of it. A month later, after the Nets scapegoated Lawrence Frank, things have gotten much worse as Brook Lopez is out for the season, the players have begun pointing fingers and Jason Kidd seems as lost as ever.

Nets general manager Billy King is not willing to start rebuilding yet, but, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Kidd’s job is on the line if he does not begin to turn things around by the All-Star break. The problem, Woj reports, is that Kidd has isolated himself from management and he is increasingly losing the respect of his players.

More than once, sources said, players have stood in the locker room and told Kidd they don’t understand their roles, that there’s confusion about their principles. When the Nets players keep insisting they don’t have a team identity, they’re offering code words for Kidd’s inability to give them clear structure, organization and vision…

…Within the locker room, there was a sense Kidd quit on them in the Christmas Day loss to the Chicago Bulls, sources told Yahoo Sports. Within nine points in the third quarter, Kidd pulled his starters and sent four substitutes into the game. When this happens, how long until people wonder whether Kidd is trying to get himself fired?

King’s unwillingness to change the roster at this point isn’t a huge surprise. There isn’t a lot of flexibility to begin with and they lost three first-round picks in the trade for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett so rebuilding won’t be easy anyway. So without blowing up the roster it seems like, at the very least, a change at head coach is needed.

That’s not exactly easy either as eventually Mikhail Prokhorov could turn the blame toward King. The problem is that it was Prokhorov, and not King, that had the idea to hire Kidd. Prokhorov even went so far as to call Kidd his “Top Gun”. By firing Kidd at this point, Prokhorov must admit that he made a big mistake. Wouldn’t it be easier to blame the GM that built the team that own up to his own mistake?

Either way, it seems that we’re getting closer to the point where something has to happened. Kidd or King or both need to be fired. The team, if they can find a way to replenish the draft picks they lost, should probably be overhauled as well. Or maybe they can find some miracle drug that gives KG and Pierce their youth back and can get Brook Lopez healthy again.

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