Kidd: “Nets close to just accepting losing”

Jason Kidd accused his team of getting used to losing after they fell to 9-18 on Monday. AP Photo.

Jason Kidd accused his team of getting used to losing after they fell to 9-18 on Monday. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets have played with a lack of energy and enthusiasm all season and head coach Jason Kidd is starting to get fed up with it.

“Well, I think it is getting very close to just accepting losing,” Kidd told reporters after Monday’s loss to the Pacers. “We are kind of getting comfortable with losing. And we got to make a stand with that because when things get tough, do we just give in, and most of the time right now we do.”

The Nets have been extremely disappointing this season after they traded away three first-round draft picks to get Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry in order to make a title run. Instead, Pierce and Garnett look like shells of their former selves, Brook Lopez is out for the year with a broken foot, and Deron Williams has struggled with the health of his ankle all season.

They are currently 9-19 and there are only three teams in the Eastern Conference with a worse record than them, the Bucks, the Magic and the Sixers. Two of those teams, the Sixers and Magic, have both beaten the Nets already this season. Their fans are booing them at home and were also chanting for Kidd to be fired on Christmas day.

“It’s tough, but it’s something we can’t control,” Williams told Mike Mazzeo of “We couldn’t control Brook going down and being out for the season, we couldn’t control when I missed games and he missed some games [earlier]. Ticket’s [Garnett] missed some games. Paul with his hand. It’s been a rough year as far as injuries, but we can’t make excuses. We can still play better. We’ve had a lot of games where we haven’t rebounded, that’s cost us some games. And we haven’t done the little things that have cost us games. We gotta start doing those.”

With Lopez out it seems unlikely that the Nets will be able to realistically contend with a title. It’s possible that they could become sellers at the trade deadline, but without the draft picks they lost in the trade it seems hard for them to pull off a total rebuild.

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