Deron Williams expected back on Tuesday, no word on Kirilenko


Deron Williams. Eagle photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Deron Williams has missed 10 of the Nets 19 games so far this season. Eagle photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Deron Williams has now missed more than half of the games the Brooklyn Nets have played this weekend and he’s expected to miss another one on Saturday. That should be the last game he sits out, at least for a while, as the Nets told reporters that he is expected back on Tuesday when they host the Boston Celtics at the Barclays Center.

Williams, who had multiple ankle injuries throughout the entire season last year, has been out since Nov. 20 with his latest ankle injury. In that time the Nets have gone 2-6 with Shaun Livingston and Tyshawn Taylor playing in his absense.

Hopefully with two and a half weeks off, he’ll be somewhere close to normal as his game has suffered so far this year. Last season he averaged 18.7 points per 36 minutes with a 51.6 effective field goal percentage. This year those numbers were both down to 13.9 points per 36 with an eFG% of 46.2.

The Nets will be far from 100 percent even when he does return as Andrei Kirilenko, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry will all likely be out still. Kirilenko is a bit of a question mark at this point because he said on Nov. 20 that he was feeling no pain after he received an epidural, but that the team was just being overcautious holding him out. That was over two weeks ago.

Terry is in a similarly awkward situation where Jason Kidd has said that he won’t return until he is 100 percent, but Terry has admitted to reporters, multiple times, that his knee isn’t likely to be 100 percent at all this season after he had surgery on it during the offseason. Terry has played in 11 games so far this year, but hasn’t played since Nov. 20.

Pierce is out with a broken hand. The timetable on that is 2-4 weeks, but two weeks seems extremely optimistic at this point. Especially considering how much he struggled before getting hurt, there doesn’t seem to be a big reason to rush him. It’s possible he doesn’t come back until Christmas or later.

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