Brooklyn Nets not planning on dismantling…yet

The architect of the Nets, Billy King, said he's not ready to start rebuilding yet. AP Photo.

The architect of the Nets, Billy King, said he’s not ready to start rebuilding yet. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets entered this season with championship aspirations, but at this point they are well beyond disappointing. Disappointing was a month ago and by now most people realize that the aspirations were based on an team where Brook Lopez has a healthy foot, Deron Williams has strong ankles and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are not extreme disappointments.

This team is beyond disappointing at this point. They are not, however, ready to begin rebuilding yet according to their general manager Billy King.

“Not at this point,” King told Stefan Bondy of the NY Daily News when asked if he was ready to blow the team up and start rebuilding. “We’re not there.”

With the way the Nets roster has been constructed it will be hard for them to rebuild. For one thing, moving Joe Johnson‘s contract could make the biggest difference and who is going to want a max-contract player that aside from the occasional clutch shot is best known for his Houdini-act?

What are they waiting for though? Lopez is done for the year, Jason Kidd is painfully unprepared for the job, the locker room is starting to fracture and Kidd even admitted that his players have begun to not care about winning. This team is going no where and with little roster flexibility and the three first-round draft picks that they lost to Boston it’s hard to paint a bright picture of the future.

There was one recent rumor that said that they could be sellers by the trade deadline. Hopefully that turns out to be the case because otherwise the Nets are not only risking this season, but next year’s as well.


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