All-Brooklyn high school football Offensive First and Second Teams

Curtis Samuel is the 2013 Brooklyn Eagle Sports Player of the Year. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Curtis Samuel is the 2013 Brooklyn Eagle Sports Player of the Year. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

I want to start by saying that this isn’t easy and that while some kids are obvious choices for this list it is very hard to determine who those final First Team spots go to, who makes the Second Team and who gets left off altogether. In a lot of cases two players can be very close in talent and one player makes the list while another is left off.

In some cases there are kids that get overlooked just based on which teams they played for, who might be overshadowing them, or if they just had a bad day when I came to see them play. Still, I watched over 20 live games this season, watched dozens of highlight tapes, referred to statistics when available, and went with the players I felt most comfortable with.

Without further adieu, here are the Offensive First and Second Teams (the defensive list will be published on Tuesday):


PLAYER OF THE YEARCurtis Samuel, Erasmus Hall, running back, senior, highlights
A great combination of speed, strength and intelligence, Samuel was easily the most talented player in New York City. He finished with 1,461 yards rushing, 128 yards receiving and 21 touchdowns. If he doesn’t get hurt against Tottenville there is no doubt in my mind that E-Hall would have played Lincoln in the finals. As it was, he had three touchdowns on 10 attempts in that game. The only reason he didn’t finish with over 2,000 yards was because teammate Kahlil Lewin is so talented.

Javon “Spanky” Moore, Lincoln High School, quarterback, senior, highlights
Spanky finished with 2,190 yards passing, 29 touchdowns and 554 yards rushing in 13 games. He was the leader of Lincoln’s squad, its most consistent player, and what he did at Yankee Stadium, while he was injured, was just amazing. In his career, he came on slow, but he ended up contributing more to his team’s success than anyone in Brooklyn. He was the runner up to Samuel for Player of the Year.

Justin White, Grand Street Campus, quarterback, junior, highlights
I expect Grand Street Campus will be one of the top teams in the city next season and Justin “Lefty” White is the biggest reason. He threw for 2,198 yards, the most in the city, and 16 touchdown with another 250 yards rushing and five touchdowns on top of that. He’ll easily be the best quarterback in the city next year.

Antoine Holloman, Lincoln High School, running back, senior, highlights
Short and powerful, the A-Train makes it nearly impossible to tackle him. He finished the year with 1,467 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns.

Kahlil Lewin, Erasmus Hall, running back, senior, highlights
It’s certainly not fair to consider him Robin to Samuels’ Batman because there was never a Robin that was nearly as good as Lewin. He finished with 1,459 yards rushing and 19 touchdowns and was part of a duel-back threat that was the best in the city.

Hollis Superville, Boys High, running back/wide receiver, senior, highlights
Besides having possibly the best name in the high school football, Superville was a superstar for Boys High doing a bit of everything from rushing, 572 yards and nine touchdowns, to receiving, 252 yards and two touchdowns, and defense, a pick, two fumbles recovered, a sack and 27 tackles.

Malik Andrews, Lincoln, wide receiver, senior, highlights
Malik Andrews was Spanky’s top go-to receiver and for good reason. Andrews finished with 887 yards receving and nine touchdowns including a 61-yard touchdown recption at Yankee Stadium that was the key play of Lincoln’s season.

Richard Wright, New Utrecht, wide receiver/quarterback, senior, highlights
Wright was forced to play quarterback this season when Angelo Carrera got hurt which, I felt, was a shame because Wright really could have showed off his speed, strength and athletic ability if he had stayed at wide receiver. On eight receptions, he had 106 yards receiving, two touchdowns and a two-point conversion. As quarterback he had 772 yards passing, five touchdowns with 294 more rushing yards and two touchdowns. That’s nine touchdowns in total.

Rodney Gonzalez, Bishop Ford, running back/tight end, senior, highlights
The slotback in Brooklyn, Gonzales had 871 yards receiving, 468 yards rushing, 16 touchdowns, and he was a great blocker as well. He was a big reason that Ford was the top Catholic team in Brooklyn this season.

Izaiah Wright, Boys and Girls High School, offensive lineman, senior, highlights
Boys and Girls had a small, inexperienced roster this season, but had hidden gems like “Grandpa” Wright that helped them to become one of Brooklyn’s top teams by the end of the season. At 5-foot-8 and 295-pounds, Wright gave opposing defenses fits every week.

Douglas Powell, Lincoln, Offensive lineman, Senior, highlights
A case could be made to include Lincoln’s entire offensive line on this list, but with 11 players from the Coney Island school on this list, I had to show love to other schools too. Powell is the best lineman that Lincoln had this year. Seriously, watch his highlight reel and try to argue.


Dashawn Brice, Boys High, quarterback, senior, highlights
A senior playmaker who led Boys High with 943 passing yards and nine touchdowns.

Chris Parker, Poly Prep, quarterback, senior
He’s a bit undersized, but what makes him such a great player is his speed and intelligence that really utilizes his legs. Playing against some of the toughest competition of any team in the city, he lead Poly Prep to a nearly perfect season.

Brandon French, Midwood, Running back, Senior, highlights
Midwood was a bit inconsistent this year, but not French. He finished with 1,085 rushing yards, 109 receiving yards, and 15 touchdowns in 10 games.

Tristan Brown, Brooklyn Tech, Running back, Senior, highlights
Brooklyn Tech may have had a disappointing season, but Tristan Brown was a pleasure to watch as he had 868 yards rushing, 162 yards receving and seven touchdowns this season.

Brenden Femiano, Poly Prep, Running back, senior
Femiano transferred from St. Anthony’s and immediately became one of the top running back, not just in Brooklyn, but the entire city.

Jaleel “Touchdown” Brown, New Utrecht, Running back, senior, highlights
This kid was a force for the Utes as he racked up 1,428 yards rushing and 18 touchdowns. In one game, against Truman, he had 285 yards rushing with five touchdowns.

Carlos Stewart, Lincoln, Wide receiver, Senior, highlights
Spanky’s second best option at receiver would have been the best option at practically every other school in the city. He finished with 741 yards receiving and nine touchdowns.

Kareem Bacchus, Grand Street, wide receiver, senior, highlights
A big reason Lefty was so successful was because he had strong receivers to throw to and Bacchus was his best. He had 663 yards and seven touchdowns this season.

Wesley Joseph, Midwood, receiver, senior, highlights
Joseph makes this list as more of an all-around player than an all-offensive player. He had just 212 yards receiving, with two touchdowns and four two-point conversions, but played both sides of the ball. He also had two picks, two sacks and 42 tackles on defense.

Sean Feldman, Poly Prep, Offensive lineman, senior
I don’t give Poly Prep nearly as much love as they deserve, but I couldn’t ignore talented lineman Sean Feldman, who provided strong support for both Parker and Femiano.

Kwanii Figueroa, Erasmus Hall, offensive/defensive lineman, junior, highlights
At 6-foot-1 and 240-pounds, Figueroa is a beast. He was not only strong on E-Hall’s offensive line, but was a good two-way player as well with a fumble recovery, two sacks and 22 tackles this season as well.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Sharif Legree, quarterback, sophomore, highlights
I couldn’t quite include Legree on this list because there were four quarterbacks that were legitimately better than him, but it wasn’t by much and he’s the youngest of Brooklyn’s top five QBs. Look out for this kid next year and the year after though because he is going to do big things for Fort Hamilton.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Shawn O’Connor, Lincoln
This is an easy choice for me and it’s not because I don’t respect other coaches around Brooklyn, there are some very talented ones, but it’s because O’Connor is simply on another level. He’s practically a college-level coach and his dedication shines through his players in their preparation and focus that they bring to every game. As long as O’Connor is the head coach of Lincoln, the Railsplitters will be among the top teams in the city every year.

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  1. insiderinfo December 23, 2013 7:24 pm  Reply

    WHERE, is the QB from Bishop Ford? He put up great numbers, had a great year, and was left off? You really need to rethink the list. Not even a 2nd team, or honorable mention? He stat wise he blows away first team and second team nominees….Something is very very wrong here…..

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