Nets roadtrip starts with an ugly loss to the Kings

The Nets lost for the fourth time in five games as they were blown out by the Kings on Wednesday night. AP Photo.

The Nets lost for the fourth time in five games as they were blown out by the Kings on Wednesday night. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets were desperate for a win and were facing Kings team that was sitting on a five-game losing streak. Perfect matchup, right? That turned out not to be the case as the Nets were blown out in a 107-86 loss against the Sacramento Kings in California on Wednesday night. They have now lost four out of their last five games, are 0-4 on the road and 2-5 overall.

“In that first half we dug a whole because we were missing shots we usually make,” Jason Kidd said. “We have to hang our hats on our defense and we didn’t do that tonight, we let go of the rope, due to frustration on the offensive end. In the third quarter, again, we came out slow. It was like watching the first half. We don’t score, we hang our heads, and then they score on the other half.”

The Nets clearly need time to gel, Kevin Garnett explained how that was the most important thing right from the start, but this was a downright ugly loss. They were overmatched on defense and that snowballed over to the offense. They shot just 38 percent, 23 percent behind the arc, and had 15 turnovers.

“This is a new group so nothing is short term,” Kidd said. “This is a process, something we have to go through as a team. This is a new group. We have to get used to each other. With that said, there are going to be some tough times and we’re going through that right now.”

Brook Lopez led the team with 16 points and nine rebounds and five blocks, Deron Williams had 13 points and seven assists, Paul Pierce had 12 points and nine rebounds. Shaun Livingston was impressive off the bench with 13 points, but had only one assist and was -10. In fact, all players were negative except Alan Anderson and Reggie Evans, who were +2 and + 8 respectively.

The Nets were disappointing in the first quarter, but only trailed 23-19 after the first quarter. The Kings started pulling away in the second as Marcus Thornton had 13 points off the bench that quarter. Things were even worse in the third quarter as the Nets were outscored 28-19. The Kings led by 21 points going into the fourth quarter and the game was already over by this point.

Neither Kevin Garnett nor Andray Blatche played at all in the fourth quarter and I’m not sure it was because the Nets had no chance to comeback. It was more likely because they had no chance to comeback with them in the rotation.

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