Nets pregame quotes from Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd will have his no. 5 jersey retired during a preseason game this season. AP Photo.

Jason Kidd will coach his first regular season game at the Barclays Center on Tuesday. AP Photo.

Jason Kidd spoke with reporters briefly before Tuesday night’s home game against the Jazz. He confirmed that Andray Blatche and Brook Lopez are playing. Here is what else he had to say:

On playing Utah: “Utah is Utah. They play hard, they’re well coached, disciplined, and young. They could easily be 3-0 too their game against Houston was especially close.

On winning at home: “When you talk about elite teams, they are always successful at home and find a way to win on the road. For us to be successful this year, we have to protect our home.”

On Deron Williams: “For Deron this is preseason. He didn’t do a lot in the preseason. We have to figure out a way to work him back into games and it’s a process. We haven’t played him over 30-something minutes, but there will be a point in the season when he’ll be there. He’s been good about it, but it’s going to take some time. He’ll get there.”

On Richard Jefferson: “He’s going left. I was just joking about him going left. He’s a good teammate, a great teammate. He made it easy for me all those years and it’s good to see that he’s still playing at a high level. I’m sure he’s a big help on that team with all of their young players.”

On getting used to coaching: “Every day I’m getting a little bit better, feeling more comfortable, learning. It’s no different tonight. I’m just trying to keep learning and getting guys involved. It’s no different from being a player, you always have to keep learning.”

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