Nets postgame notes: “Right now we’re in a tough downfall”

Andray Blatche admitted that the Nets are in a downward spiral right now. AP Photo.

Andray Blatche admitted that the Nets are in a downward spiral right now. AP Photo.

The emphasis since the first day Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce arrived has been on how important it is for the new-look Brooklyn Nets to gel. Even as they’ve struggled, they’ve preached patience, but at this point patience is running out. Chemistry is one thing, but after their latest disappointing win, this time a 107-86 blowout by the Sacramento Kings, players seemed to think the problem was more about lack of effort.

“This was a tough one,” Brook Lopez said. “We got outplayed for pretty much the entire game there. It’s all about effort and just trusting one another. You figure the sense of urgency would be there. Guys didn’t have it. You have to figure it will be there down the line. It has to change.”

The Nets came into this game with three loses in four games and you figure that after a tough loss to the Indiana Pacers on Saturday that they would come out with a lot of enthusiasm today. It seemed like almost the exact opposite happened and they were sleep walking throughout this game.

“Right now we’re in a tough downfall, we need to have effort, intensity, and we’re not bringing it right now,” Andray Blatche said. “If you would have told me this was going to happen before the season started, I would have thought you were crazy. We practice harder than we play. We have to take that effort and intensity level from practice into the games.

“We’re all disappointed. We’re in a tough funk and we have to find our way out of it.”

At this point it’s hard to say what it’s going to take. Probably just time. It’s only seven games into the year so it’s extremely early. However, it’s hard to figure a team that is struggling this much is going to seriously challenge the Miami Heat when all is said and done. I’m certainly not panicking, and you shouldn’t either, but they are going to have to do a lot to show they are serious contenders again.

“This is a new group so nothing is short term,” Kidd said. “This is a process, something we have to go through as a team. This is a new group. We have to get used to each other. With that said, there are going to be some tough times and we’re going through that right now.”

“I hope this was a wake up call to start the trip,” Paul Pierce said.

KIDD TO BLAME: If this goes on for much longer, Jason Kidd is going to have a giant microscope focused on him and it won’t be good. With no track record to fall back on it could very well mean he, rightly or wrongly, gets blamed. As it is, a couple of reporters have already expressed doubt in his ability.

“I don’t know if this is going to be a trend, but Jason Kidd has coached five games,” Mike Mazzeo of tweeted. “His team has failed to show up in two of them.”

“Maybe it’s time for Jason Kidd gets out of his seat and shows some emotion,” Stefan Bondy of the Daily News tweeted. “Oh well, it’s too late.”

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