Nets players ignore Jason Kidd but ownership has his back

Jason Kidd held a press conference on Tuesday to go over plans for the season. AP Photo.

Jason Kidd seems not to be getting through to his players, but so far ownership and management has his back. AP Photo.

Brooklyn Nets rookie head coach Jason Kidd spoke all offseason and preseason about how his team is going to be all about defense. However, 13 games into the season and the Nets are ranked last in the NBA in defensive efficiency. So what’s the problem? Well, Kidd recently admitted that his message is not getting through to his team.

“That’s a very good question,” Kidd told Stefan Bondy of the NY Daily News when asked why the team is failing so badly on defense. “Because we’ve written on the board. We’ve talked about it. The coaches have talked about it. As players, at some point they have to accept it, and maybe our message isn’t clear enough.”

Kidd isn’t even getting along with his assistant coach Lawrence Frank as one team source told Ohm Youngmisuk and Marc Stein of ESPN that there is “friction” between the two. Things have gotten so bad with the team that Kevin Garnett admitted to reporters that the front office might have to consider making a chance soon.

“We’ve created this monster, and we’ve got to deal with it,” Garnett told Bondy. “You’re going to have the business of basketball come into play, I’m sure, and management is probably going to do what they’ve got to do, and that’s out of our hands.”

It doesn’t sound as if the Nets are gearing up to make a move anytime soon though as sources told ESPN that Kidd still has the backing of Mikhail Prokhorov and the front office. According to the report, the Nets have been understanding of the fact that the team has dealt with many injuries early on including those two its two biggest stars, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez.

That’s fine for now, but this team is going to have to do something to turn this around otherwise, like KG said, the business side will come into play. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of the coach though. Instead it could be his assistants or even the players that become the scapegoats.

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