KG on Lopez: Best I’ve seen in the league in a while

Kevin Garnett said that Brook Lopez is one of the best he's seen at his position in a while. AP Photo.

Kevin Garnett said that Brook Lopez is one of the best he’s seen at his position in a while. AP Photo.

The perception of Kevin Garnett is that he’s tough and a strong defender. The perception of Brook Lopez, especially after the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs last season, is that he’s soft and a bit of a liability defensively. That’s why, when the Nets got KG in a trade with the Celtics, a lot of the offseason chatter was about how KG could make Lopez better.

Well, four games into the season and it sounds like KG already thinks Lopez is pretty damn good.

“He’s very poised, very strong,” KG said of Lopez. “He’s a real chill person, but he has a fire. He’s never rattled. I’m not gonna say underestimated, but he’s very strong … to go through plays and finish them very well. Probably the best I’ve seen in the league in a while.”

Lopez is still not the best defensive center, and possibly won’t be even spending the next two years with Garnett, however it’s important to realize that he has improved his game to the point where he is one of the best players in the league at his position. If Lopez can keep it up it makes the Nets a very dangerous team because of his own offense, but he did a great job spreading the ball around to perimeter shooters when he was double teamed.

“I think Brook is getting a lot better at passing the ball and is going to continue to get better,” Deron Williams said. “(Tuesday night) was a testament to that.”

Lopez was in a walking boot all offseason, but still took his game seriously as he came into camp in even better shape with more muscle too.

“I feel like I’ve gotten in better shape each game,” Lopez said. “It took me a few preseason games to get used to playing that way, but now I feel like I’m getting into it.”

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