KG and Pierce were not in attendance for Clippers game

Paul Pierce will play on Tuesday as the Nets host the Celtics in Brooklyn, but Kevin Garnett will take a seat. AP Photo.

Neither Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett were even in the arena during the Nets loss to the Clippers on Saturday. AP Photo.

Saturday night was supposed to be the big Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce reunion with their former Celtics’ coach Doc Rivers except, because of injuries, it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen on the court and it didn’t even happen off the court because KG and Pierce weren’t even in the arena.

Usually, when players are injured, they throw on suits and sit on the bench. They’re there usually to support the team, but in cases like Jerry Stackhouse last  year, veterans will also be almost like a de facto coach. KG would have been perfect for that. Imagine him yelling at Mason Plumlee throughout the game or even Reggie Evans or Andray Blatche. But instead there was nothing.

For a team so worried about chemistry, they seemed to miss a golden opportunity on Saturday. Apparently, this was partially the fault of Rivers himself, who allowed veterans to be absent from games where they don’t play.

“I know when Kevin doesn’t play he never comes to the game,” Rivers told J.A. Adande of ESPN. “Paul either for that matter. That’s something we set up in Boston.”

I don’t want to sound like I am being too harsh because they obviously were able to win a championship in Boston doing this same thing and it’s not like these are the only players or teams that do this. Jason Kidd likely even OK’d this, but it just seems odd that for two guys that talk about creating chemistry so often and holding each other accountable, you’d think they would want to be there.

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