Brooklyn High School Power Rankings – Week 9

Malik Andrews and Antoine Holloman are two of the biggest reasons why Lincoln has stayed atop the power rankings all season. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Malik Andrews and Antoine Holloman are two of the biggest reasons why Lincoln has stayed atop the power rankings all season. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

The regular season is finally over and now the fun begins as we get set to start the playoffs. There weren’t many changes this week because Lincoln and E-Hall both won while Boys High, New Utrecht, Fort Hamilton, and Bishop Ford all lost. However, all the teams on this list are in the playoffs, with the exception of Poly Prep who doesn’t have playoffs, so there still could be some big changes this year.

The biggest change this week is the addition of South Shore. I left the Vikings off all year because they are in the Bowl Division, but Midwood’s wins have all been very weak and South Shore has completely dominated its division. It won by an average score of 47-7 which shows, to me, that they never belonged in the bowl division in the first place. So the Shore is on the board this week and I’ll have to make a point to cover them at least once, hopefully twice, as they inevitably win their championship.

Be sure to check out my playoff predictions.

1. Lincoln (9-0, LW: 1): A nice easy, nearly mistake free game heading into the playoffs, a 41-6 win over Boys High, should have their confidence up. Javon Moore and Paul Litvak both threw touchdown passes and Antoine Holloman added another three on 160 yards rushing. Next week: vs Midwood.

2. Poly Prep (7-1, LW: 2): Poly Prep had a great season, but lost in its final game of the year. Their season might be over, but I can still dream of a mid-December matchup between them and the eventual PSAL champs (it won’t happen). Next week: season over.

3. Erasmus Hall (8-1, LW: 3): E-Hall also had a huge, nearly mistake free, win in the final week of the season as it beat Brooklyn Tech 55-7. Kahlil Lewin had 177 yards rushing and two touchdowns, Curtis Samuel had two TDs on 98 yards rushing and a 23-yard catch. Shavar Brathwaite had a pick-six and Clayton Gravenhise and Jacob Croker both recovered fumbles for touchdowns. Next week: vs Campus Magnet.

4. Boys and Girls (6-3, LW: 4): It’s very tough heading into the playoffs coming off a 41-6 loss. Hollis Superville had the lone touchdown on 77 yards rushing. The Kangaroos are going to have to put that behind them quickly though because Grand Street Campus is certainly no gimmie. Next week: vs Grand Street Campus.

5. Fort Hamilton (5-4, LW: 6): Fort Hamilton’s 28-6 loss to Tottenville was its third consecutive loss for the Tigers, but they’ve still had a fine season after they finished 1-7 last season. Jayson Magnani had a pick-six in the loss. They still have some upset potential and I picked them to beat JFK this weekend. Next week: at JFK.

6. Grand Street Campus (6-3, LW: 8): A very impressive win for Grand Street 30-0 over New Utrecht as they scored all of their points in the fourth quarter. Next week: at Boys and Girls.

7. New Utrecht (6-3, LW: 5): The Utes have a lot of weapons, but they, more than any other team on this list, has really jumped around as they have struggled to stay consistent all season long. Let their loss to Grand Street be a wake up call to them heading into the playoffs. Next week: vs Clinton.

8. Bishop Ford (6-3, LW: 7): A tough 49-32 loss to St. Francis Prep, but that is a good team and to rack up 32 points against them bodes well for the Falcons in the playoffs. James Esposito threw for 146 yards and a touchdown.

9. Canarsie (4-5, LW: 9): Midwood put up some fight at the end, but Canarsie won 22-16 to pull out one last nice victory to finish the year. Ramshar Clarke had 91 yards, a pair of touchdowns 12 tackles and a sack, Damian Charles had a pick, Glenville Bell had a sack and recovered a fumble. Next week: at Tottenville.

10. South Shore (9-0, LW: unranked): Junior Timothy Bowers finished with 1,213 rushing yards and 20 touchdowns overall, senior Darrius Nichols had 916 passing yards with 11 touchdowns, and Dupreme Robinson had 607 rushing yards and four touchdowns. Next week: vs Springfield Gardens.

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