Brooklyn High School Power Rankings – Week 10

Half of the teams on this list are still playing meaningful football games including Hollis Superville and Boys High, who will face Tottenville in round 2. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Half of the teams on this list are still playing meaningful football games including Hollis Superville and Boys High, who will face Tottenville in round 2. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

These rankings are pretty much locked in for the rest of the season now unless Erasmus Hall upsets Lincoln in the finals or Boys High goes on an unlikely, and probably impossible, run to take the title at Yankee Stadium. New Utrecht advanced to the second round of the playoffs, but they lost to Grand Street who lost to Fort Hamilton so they’re stuck where they are.

Five of the teams on this list, Poly Prep, Fort Hamilton, Grand Street Campus, Bishop Ford and Canarsie, are done for the year as well. I do plan on comparing and contrasting Lincoln’s schedule and Poly Prep’s schedule sometime next week. There is a chance that, depending on what I find out, I could be swayed to even move Poly into the No. 1 spot. Until then, here is this week’s rankings.

1. Lincoln (10-0, LW: 1): Nobody doubted that Lincoln would beat Midwood, but that defense can’t be happy letting up 30 points. Javon Moore threw 169 yards and two touchdowns, Leroy Hancle had 67 yards rushing and three touchdowns and three different receivers caught touchdown passes. Next week: vs New Utrecht.

2. Poly Prep (7-1, LW: 2): Jay Hayes said Poly should be No. 1 because of strength of schedule. Next week I’ll compare the two schedules so we’ll have an idea of what the difference really is. Season is over.

3. Erasmus Hall (9-1, LW: 3): A nice win for Erasmus Hall against a Campus Magnet team that really turned its season around after a poor start. Can Curtis Samuel and Kahlil Lewin lead them past Lincoln to glory? Next week: vs JFK.

4. Boys and Girls (7-3, LW: 4): A big come from behind overtime victory for Boys High. Dashawn Brice threw for 188 yards and two touchdown, Hollis Superville had 119 total yards with two touchdowns and they had seven sacks plus two fumble recoveries as a team on defense. Next week: at Tottenville.

5. Fort Hamilton (5-5, LW: 5): Fort Hamilton was having a really nice season when they were 5-1, but they finished with four consecutive loses, including one in the playoffs, in a disappointing finish. Sharif Legree had 97 passing yards and two touchdowns, Isaiah Washington had 102 yards rushing and a touchdown, Mohammad Masoud caught 70 yards and a touchdown pass. Season is over.

6. Grand Street Campus (6-4, LW: 6): The Wolves had a real shot to beat Boys High. Quarterback Justin White practically had a touchdown in the final seconds of the game, but dropped the ball just as he was about to go into the end zone. If he holds on there then they’re probably ranked at least fifth on this list. White is just a junior though, he’ll be back to lead a very talented team next season. Season is over.

7. New Utrecht (7-3, LW: 7): The Utes just squeaked past Clinton into the second round. They are going to need a miracle to beat Lincoln next week. The two teams played each other during Week 4 and the Utes lost 26-6. Jaleel Brown had 269 yards rushing with three touchdowns against Clinton. Next week: at Lincoln.

8. Bishop Ford (6-4, LW: 8): It seemed unlikely, but I thought Ford had a real chance against Mount. They lost 22-12 the first time they faced each other, but were solid in that game as they built up a 12-0 lead in the first half. Alas, they got blown out 34-0 instead. James Esposito was held to 100 yards passing and Dante Aiken 13 yards rushing. Ouch. Next week: vs St. Joseph by-the-Sea.

9. Canarsie (4-6, LW: 9): It was going to be pretty hard for Canarsie to advance in the playoffs when they drew Tottenville in the first round. The Pirates’ defense really did a number on them too as Antonio Snell threw two picks and Palyte Stubbs had their only touchdown on 80 yards rushing. Kamari Jones Hunter and Glenville Bell each had sacks. Season is over.

10. South Shore (10-0 in Bowl Division, LW: 10): It’s South Shore and everyone else in the Bowl Division right now. Darrius Nichols threw 142 yards and two touchdowns, Timothy Bowers had 130 yards rushing and two touchdowns, Dupreme Robinson had 111 yards rushing and a touchdown, and Keon Dobson had 107 receiving yards and a touchdown. Defensively, they recovered five fumbles. Next week: vs Grady.

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