Quote: Kidd on Garnett getting regular rest: He sees the plan


Kevin Garnett and Jason Kidd are in a disagreement over his playing time, but KG is open to trying Kidd's plan. AP Photo.

Kevin Garnett and Jason Kidd are in a disagreement over his playing time, but KG is open to trying Kidd’s plan. AP Photo.

Kevin Garnett made it pretty clear during the Brooklyn Nets Media Day that he didn’t like Jason Kidd‘s plan to give him regular rest on days when the team played back-to-back games.

Since then it sounds like Garnett hasn’t exactly come around to the idea yet, but that he’s at least open to try it.

From our own John Torenli:

“I just feel like every day that you have to better your craft every chance we come in here and work as a group, I’d like be a part of that,” said Garnett, who has yet to log more than 15 minutes in any of his first three preseason outings as a Net.

“It wasn’t my decision, so that’s where I’m going to leave that. I am trying to be as positive as I can be.”

Despite his displeasure with the situation, Garnett is doing his best to go along to get along.

At least for now.

“I’m trusting Jason in what he has in store for myself,” he added. “But I’m very funny about coming in, getting my work in and making sure I’m sharp.”

The small rift, the first of Kidd’s rookie season as head coach, could grow wider during the regular season if Garnett’s play suffers as a result of not getting his regular work in.

But for now, the two are doing their best to quell any hint of a budding controversy.

“He’s seen the plan,” said Kidd. “This makes sense to give him the night off.”

I think Kidd understands pretty well what’s going on here. He needs to keep Garnett healthy to be successful in the playoffs. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine that he would continue to rest Garnett regularly at the cost of his consistency on the court. It’s going to be a balancing act and it seems most likely that Kidd and Garnett will find a balance between rests on every back-to-back game and regular occasional rest.

Things could get interesting if Garnett struggles this season. After all, he is 37-years-old now. He’s also coming off a season where he played the least minutes per game since his rookie year and whose effective field goal percentage was 49.8, or the lowest its been since 2006-07 and one of the worst in his career overall.

If he loses a step this year Kidd could blame it on not enough rest while Garnett might see it as a problem with consistent playing time. If that happens then it’s not hard to see this escalating a little bit. There is no reason for alarm now though. Like Kidd and Garnett are going to have to do, we’ll have to see how this plays out.

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