Jason Kidd wants a short jersey retirement ceremony

Jason Kidd wants a short ceremony to retire his jersey. AP Photo.

Jason Kidd wants a short ceremony to retire his jersey. AP Photo.

The Nets will officially retired their seventh jersey number on Thursday night when they raise Jason Kidd‘s No. 5 to the rafters. The ceremony will take place before the preseason game against the Nets and if it was up to Kidd it’ll be a short ceremony.

“We can do it right now,” Kidd told Filip Bondy of the NY Daily News. “Just want it quick. (Doing it before the regular season) was my choice. During training camp would be even better. It’s not about me. It’s about the players.”

Kidd clearly wants to deflect the attention away from himself as this seems like it’ll be a quickie ceremony that is happening before a preseason game. Kerry Kittles will be in attendance for the event as will Buck Williams and Rod Thorn, the GM who traded for Kidd, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be anything over the top.

It’s hard to say why Kidd is shying away from the attention. It seems like he wanted it done in the preseason to get it over with before his DUI suspension kicks in to start the season, but that’s just pure speculation. It could just be that he is going straight from playing to coaching and isn’t ready yet.

Or we can simply take him at his word that he doesn’t want the distraction. He is, after all, just starting his coaching career and he’s doing it with championship expectations and he’s going to miss the first two games of the season. So he’s certainly got a lot going on already.

Whatever the reason, I hope it’s not a complete quickie ceremony. Jason Kidd was huge for this organization as he briefly lifted them out of obscurity and brought them to back-to-back NBA finals. He deserves more than just five minutes and it’s already bad enough that this is not happening in the regular season.


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