Photos of the Brooklyn Nets media day

The Brooklyn Nets held their annual media day on Monday. It was a fun time even if nobody really said anything we hadn’t heard during the offseason. I guess the biggest news of the day was that Brook Lopez‘s foot is fine, Deron Williams was very optimistic that he’ll have no problem starting the season on time despite his recent ankle injury, and Joe Johnson‘s heal is fine as well.

Other than that it was pretty straight forward stuff. They brought out the bench players to speak with us at 11:15 a.m.. At about noon I went to get a couple of shots of the starting players and then at about 12:15 p.m. the press conferences started in the interview room with the starting guys — Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

I’m uploading video from the event right now, but it’s going to take some time because I shot a lot. I’ll also have a complete recap sometime later. Until then enjoy these pictures from media day.

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