New York Islanders begin Brooklyn marketing strategy

The Islanders have begun their shift in marketing toward Brooklyn. Photo via the Islanders official Twitter account.

The Islanders have begun their shift in marketing toward Brooklyn. Photo via the Islanders official Twitter account.

I hadn’t noticed this until a couple other blogs had pointed it out, but it looks like the New York Islanders have begun their marketing strategy with an eye on moving to Brooklyn during the 2015-16 season.

The first thing is the most obvious, and one that I’ve already discussed, which is Thursday’s preseason training camp that will be held at the Barclays Center. The Islanders are first hosting a press conference in Long Island at the LIRR for that to show people that the Islanders, even though they are moving, are still only a train ride away. Then they’ll have their players do a photo op in Brooklyn, they’ll show the media around the arena, outfitted for hockey of course, and finally the players will answer more questions about moving to Brooklyn.

That’s all part of the marketing strategy, but there are a few less obvious things as well. For example, the promotion of the Islanders preseason games against the Devils at the Barclays Center on Sept. 21. Then there is the fact that they are already accepting deposits for 2015-16 season tickets. And perhaps the thing that was the least obvious was the new Twitter logo.

They still have the same Islanders logo we all know, but it has the Nets’ colors and font scheme creeping in. Below the Islanders logo are the words “A Shift in Power” as in a shift to Brooklyn. Those letters are in white, in Nets’ font, and are on a black background. So while the Islanders haven’t changed their color scheme or logo yet, it seems like they are preparing fans for an upcoming change.

It all makes sense. The Nets did an amazing job marketing the team not only once they got here, but in the years leading up to it. CEO Brett Yormark has also taken over the marketing strategy. He’s the man responsible for taking the team from one of the least valuable in the NBA to an up and coming franchise that could be among the very elite in just a few short years. Why not go for something similar?

By doing this, they are not only priming Islanders fans for the move to Brooklyn, but they are also trying to lure some Long Islanders into becoming Nets fans. It makes sense. The team used to play in Long Island and with the Islanders moving into the Barclays Center, fans who already hate the Rangers might be persuaded into liking the Nets just to pile on and throw their hate at the Rangers’ roommates, the Knicks.

This is just the start too. I suspect they’ll keep ramping it up until they finally drop the puck in Brooklyn in 2015. The Islanders will be trying to woo Brooklyn fans at the same time that the Nets will be trying to woo Long Island.

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