Jason Terry to get a Nets tattoo to go with his Mavs and Celtics tats

Jason Terry plans on getting a Nets tattoo to go with his Mavericks and Celtics tats. AP Photo.

Jason Terry plans on getting a Nets tattoo to go with his Mavericks and Celtics tats. AP Photo.

Lots of basketball players at every level are covered in tattoos, but Jason Terry‘s tattoos are a little bit different.

In 2011, Terry got a tattoo with the Mavericks’ logo and the Larry O’Brien Trophy, given out each year to the NBA champions, before the 2010-2011 season even started. He did eventually beat the Miami Heat that year, along with Jason Kidd, and the tattoo seemed like a premonition.

Then, he got another tattoo with a Celtics logo and the Larry O’Brien Trophy after joining Boston, but that time Terry wasn’t as lucky and he never won the title with the boys in green.

This season? Yup, he’s getting a Nets tattoo. “BK All Day,” he told Tim Bontemps of the NY Post. “You heard it here first.”

Terry promised to unveil the tat on Opening Night, Oct. 30, against the Cleveland Cavs to keep up with his personal and permanent tradition. Even though the last tat with the Celtics mascot and the NBA championship trophy didn’t come true, he explained that he has no regrets.

“I’m a superstitious guy, and every community I come involved with, I just take it on,” Terry said. “That’s what the tattoo symbolizes. It means something to me. Being a Boston Celtic, that means something. I’ve been blessed and fortunate to play for a lot of great franchises, and [Brooklyn] is just another one.”

That makes sense. I mean, after all, Terry said this at a Brooklyn event called “Dads Take Your Kids to School Day” despite not even playing in a single game for the Nets yet. Some may blast it as a jinx, but his permanent prediction did come true once and if you have heard Terry, or pretty much any of the Nets, talk this offseason they all clearly have one thing on their minds – a championship.

Let’s just hope it’s not as terrible as Andrei Kirilenko‘s tattoo.


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