A new “Nets” jersey is likely on its way

They aren't likely to change the color scheme, but we might see new "Nets" jerseys sometime soon. AP Photo.

The Brooklyn Nets aren’t likely to change the color scheme back any time soon, but we might see new “Nets” jerseys sometime in the near future. AP Photo.

Ever since the Nets moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn they not only did away with any jerseys that say “New Jersey” on them, but, in what was a complete re-brand in everything except for the name, the jerseys didn’t even say “Nets” on them. Instead, both home and away jerseys simply said “Brooklyn” across the chest.

It makes sense. They’re trying to convince the good people of Brooklyn to buy-into this new team except for the fact that not only were most Brooklynites Knicks fans, but the Nets were a pre-existing team from New Jersey. However, this made a lot of fans, particularly long-time fans, upset. It was, after all, the same team. Were the original fans being abandoned?

So ever since, there has been plenty of Nets fans with complaints about the new jerseys. They didn’t necessarily hate them, and most realized that the days of the “New Jersey” Nets are over. They did, however, want jerseys that recognize the team’s history. Well it looks like they might finally be getting their way as Nets CEO Brett Yormark recently teased one fan on Twitter about the subject.

There was a recent exchange in which Yormark tweeted out plans to flood China with Nets jerseys. A fan, @BKhoops4Life, replied back asking for “Nets” jerseys. To which Yormark replied with a cryptic, “stay tuned…”

This certainly doesn’t make anything sound imminent. For all we know it could be another year for him to fulfill his promise. However, Yormark is a smart guy and realizes how his words are perceived. He wouldn’t have made that tweet unless there was something in the works. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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