A look at some preseason high school football polls

Jay Hayes was ranked as the third best prospect in New York by Scout.com and his Poly Prep team was ranked fourth in Brooklyn by USA Today. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Jay Hayes was ranked as the third best prospect in New York by Scout.com and his Poly Prep team was ranked fourth in Brooklyn by USA Today. Photo by Rob Abruzzese.

I wanted to highlight some polls for Brooklyn’s high school football. The first one is probably the best and worst one. The best because it’s from USA Today and because of that we get a look 20 teams deep. Unfortunately because it’s USA Today it’s probably not going to be as reliable, on the local Brooklyn level, as a report by Dylan Butler or Joseph Staszewski would be.

Here’s the USA Today’s preseason Top 20 ranking (with each team’s ranking in New York State in parentheses).

1. Erasmus Hall (28)
2. Lincoln (40)
3. Boys and Girls (65)
4. Poly Prep (66)
5. Xaverian (86)
6. Brooklyn Tech (89)
7. South Shore (98)
8. Sheepshead Bay (113)
9. Jefferson (120)
10. Grady (141)
11. New Utrech (177)
12. Franklin K Lane (242)
13. Fort Hamilton (248)
14. Canarsie (253)
15. Tilden (256)
16. Lafayette (295)
17. Bishop Ford (320)
18. Madison (347)
19. Grand Street Campus (354)
20. Midwood (413)

My first thought is that we don’t know how good Jefferson will be this season since their team is kind of in limbo with the firing of its head coach. Grand Street Campus is also probably way too low. It’ll be interesting to come back to this list after the season is over and see how good the USA Today is at picking these teams.

The next one is by the aforementioned Butler of MSG Varsity. It’s a great list because Butler knows his New York City football, but unfortunately it includes all of New York City (which everyone knows is not as good as Brooklyn). I’m still going to include the entire list because it’s good to know as Brooklynites, from time to time, do leave the borough. Brooklyn teams in bold.

1. Erasmus Hall
2. Tottenville
3. Lincoln
4. Holy Cross
5. Fordham Prep
6. Poly Prep
7. Monsignor Farrell
8. Curtis
9. Campus Magnet
10. Mount St. Michael
11. St. Joseph by the Sea
12. Xavier
13. Cardinal Hayes
14. John F. Kennedy
15. Grand Street Campus

Up next we have another city list from NYCFootball.com. They know their stuff too, but this list only has PSAL teams so no Poly Prep and no Catholic schools are eligible or included.

1. Erasmus
2. Lincoln
3. Tottenville
4. Curtis
5. Campus Magnet
6. Clinton
7. Port Richmond
8. JFK
9. Boys & Girls
10. Flushing
11. Sheepshead Bay
12. Brooklyn Tech
13. New Utrecht
14. Fort Hamilton
15. Thomas Jefferson
16. South Shore (Bowl Division)

This list appears to be more favorable to Brooklyn as it does have Lincoln ahead of Tottenville. However, if you add Poly Prep and the Catholic schools from the MSG Varsity list then every Brooklyn team except Erasmus and Lincoln fall off. Still, it’s good to compare it to the USA Today list and see how the rest of the public schools in Brooklyn compare.

The last poll isn’t for teams but for the top recruits in New York State via Scout.com. I’m not going to include the entire list, but instead just the kids from Brooklyn. In parenthesis will be their rank in the state.

1. Thomas Holley, DT, Lincoln HS (1)
2. Curtis Samuel, WR, Erasmus Hall (2)
3. Jay Hayes, DT, Poly Prep (3)
4. Khendell Puryear, CB, Lincoln (13)
14. Darin Peart, S, Erasmus Hall (14)
15. Kahlil Lewin, RB, Erasmus Hall (15)

I’m sure there are other lists out there. I know of one or two others that I will add later tonight, but let me know if you know of any by including it in the comments section or by tweeting it at me @BkEagleSports.

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