The Nets and Knicks will both host the 2015 All-Star Game

New York will host the 2015 All-Star Game. Whether that is in Brooklyn or Manhattan is still the question. AP Photo.

The 2015 NBA All-Star Game will be hosted by MSG with the weekend’s festivities taking place at the Barclays Center. AP Photo.

About two weeks ago there was a story about how the NBA couldn’t decide between giving the 2015 All-Star game to the Nets or the Knicks. It turns out that the solution was to split the 2015 All-Star game between the Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden and then do the same thing three years later.

According to Fred Kerber of the NY Post, the 2015 All-Star Game will be played at MSG on Sunday and the All-Star weekend festivities, like the skills competitions and the three-point and dunk contests, will be held at the Barclays Center on Friday and Saturday. Then they’ll do the exact opposite, have the game at the Barclays Center and the weekend festivities at MSG in either 2017 or 2018.

The latter part of that plan is still not official though as the Nets are apparently unsure that they want to do it this way.

It seems that the Nets will eventually give in and accept the second part of the split. Otherwise, I don’t see how it’s in their interest to only host the All-Star weekend festivities without ever getting an All-Star Game. Maybe they think that they still deserve the full weekend in 2017 or 2018. That seems far fetched though if they are committed to hosting the 2015 weekend activities.

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