The Brooklyn Nets announce their 2013-14 schedule

Dwight Howard will finally fulfill his dream of playing in Brooklyn on April 1. AP Photo.

Dwight Howard will finally fulfill his dream of playing in Brooklyn on April 1. AP Photo.

There are officially 84 days until the Brooklyn Nets begin their 2013-14 season which, thanks to the team announcing the schedule on Tuesday, we know will start in Cleveland against Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers on Oct. 30. The entire schedule can be found here and here are the highlights:


How about some revenge on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Co. for the rough treatment they gave the Nets last year? Well, they get right two it for game two of the season as they will face the Miami Heat during the home opener on Nov. 1, a nationally televised game. That’ll be a big test, but don’t worry as they’ll get three more tests throughout the season including Jan. 10 at home and then two more on the road on March 12 and April 8.


We have to wait to see the first  game against Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks match up until Dec. 5 at the Barclays Center, but we are rewarded for our wait with two late season matches as the two play on April 2 (at MSG) and on the second to last game of the season at home on April 15. They will also head to the Garden on Jan. 20 for a nationally televised afternoon game.


The Nets will first play the Celtics at home on Dec. 10, but the big one will be Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett‘s Boston Garden reunion which will go down for the first time on Jan. 26 (which, of course, will be nationally televised). The two teams face each other two more times after that on March 7 in Boston and on March 21 in Brooklyn. I wonder what kind of reception Kris Humphries will get returning to Brooklyn (I know MarShon Brooks will be cheered).


The Nets will face the Pacers early on during the season which will be interesting if the two teams end up facing each other again in the playoffs. The first match is the second week of the season on Nov. 9 at the Barclays Center. They’re in Brooklyn again on Dec. 23 and will head to Indiana on Dec. 28 and Feb. 1. Three out of four of those will be on Saturday nights so it’ll be exciting.


The first time the Nets face the Bulls will be in Brooklyn at noon on Christmas Day. My mother-in-law is going to be disappointed one way or another as I’ll either be at that game or glued to the TV that day (I have a feeling I’ll only be able to get away with the latter). That’s just the first of three games against Chicago as they’ll take on Derrick Rose and Co. again in Chicago on Feb. 13 and then back in Brooklyn on March 3.


The Nets longest homestand is just four games from Jan. 4 through Jan. 10 as they take on the Cavs, the Hawks, the Warriors, and the Heat that week. The Circus road trip, which looks like it’s becoming an annual affair, will take place from Feb. 13 through March 1. The Nets will play seven games on the road during that span against the Bulls, Jazz, Warriors, Lakers, Trail Blazers, Nuggets, and Bucks with the All-Star game in the middle there. I suppose it’s good to get all of those West Coast teams out of the way all at once and the ASG will help give them a break to keep them fresh. The only other trip out west is from Nov. 13 through Nov. 16 when they take on the Kings, Suns, and Clippers.


Can’t forget the Nets’ trip to London which takes place on Jan. 16 against the Atlanta Hawks in the 02 Arena. That week won’t be fun though as that game, which takes place on a Thursday at 3:00 p.m., will be the only game they play that week.


Dwight Howard will finally get to fulfill his dream of playing in Brooklyn as the Rockets come to town on April 1. MISC: The Nets play 20 times back-to-back which could be hard on an older team. They will also be nationally televised 26 times which doesn’t count many Tuesday games that could get picked up on NBATV.

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