St. Francis Brooklyn’s Volleyball team looking for improvement

The St. Francis College Women's Volleyball team is set to open its season on Saturday. Photo courtesy of St. Francis Athletics.

The St. Francis College Women’s Volleyball team is set to open its season on Saturday. Photo courtesy of St. Francis Athletics.

The St. Francis Brooklyn Women’s Volleyball team had a talented but flawed squad last season as they had a 4-29 record and were just 2-14 in the Northeast Conference. With a few key returning players and more experience this year, the team expects to do better and the focus is mainly on getting everyone on the same page.

“We are going to work hard and try to improve every day, every touch, every practice,” head coach Micah Acoba said. “We need to establish a good mindset. For the last couple of seasons, we had talented players, but we struggled to get on the same page. We want to establish our philosophy and our mindset so when we start the season everyone has a full understanding of what we would like to accomplish.”

Part of reaching that goal has been putting in hard work. The ladies have spent a lot of time working out this summer and that should not only make them better player son the court, but should also help to accomplish their goal of working better as a team.

“Things are definitely looking up with this program right now,” sophomore Kelly O’Halloran told the Eagle. “Returning players are back at it again. We’re trying to work hard to build our program up. Our freshman are good, we’ve been working hard all month. Hopefully our hard work will pay off.”

Included in those returning players is senior Slavica Stefanovic, who led last year’s team in kills with 212 and was third on the team with 223 digs. She’ll be joined by sophomore Maggie Niu, who was second on the team with 201 kills, and senior Felix Ramirez, who led the team with 296 digs.

The Terriers are also looking forward to a strong incoming class that includes freshman Gabrielle Herrera, who led her high school team in kills, aces, blocks, and digs, freshman Niehely Sosa, who led her high school team in kills and blocks, and Domenique Gerard, who was named Player of the Year in high school last season.

The Terriers open their season at the Hofstra University Invitational in Hempstead this weekend where they will take on Delaware State University and Hofstra on Saturday and Coppin State University on Sunday. Check back here later this afternoon for a Q&A with Kelly O’Halloran.

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